Sunday, July 27, 2008

To all the persons with ingenuous head and heart ,

To all the persons with ingenuous head and heart ,
Thanks for having saved our family out off the bitch prison at first !!!
We are still not save , in such a bitch environment , we are scary every minute .

It's not a spam , it's an asking-for-help letter .We shouldn't have disturbed you,but once the bitches come to bite us,we need you to fight against them together with us,that's the rule for all the humanbeings. God bless us !

If the bitch things hadn't happened to us , I won't care how dark the bitch China is . I hope my family and friends can live peacefully as you do .
But all our family members were driven mad in the past, and worse now .


The Beijing bitches of our housing zone is from the worldwide famous Chinese No.1 University, the TSING HUA University ( I thought the No.1 should be the Peking University instead ) , which is the service company of our housing zone . They SERVICE us here by terrorism only since they have power as the government leaders .
Our house is new and the housing zone is new as well , I stand out organizing our House Owner Committee, asking our neibours to sign for this committee in our house , hoping to contribute something to our housing zone future . This enraged our Housing Service company , the HuaQingWuYe .
Thus they arranged a dog to bite my mother !
And they note the Police to threat us , they send more than 100 bitches to our house , one by one , almost every day , to threat and disturb us , they use more than one year to arrange a complot to our Shenzhen company , they sent an agent provocateur to our company , and ask the supplier to send copied products to our company once we have new order from customers, that agent provocateur's name was also shown in the bitch sentence files , his name is Ye ZhiXuan. He has " worked " in our company for one week till all our clerks were put into prison by a secret abduction in the middle sudden night of May 21st., 2007 !
The bitch government clerks had also rob all our computers, 7pcs computer towers and 2pcs notebooks that night, as well as many goods , piratical or non-piratical !
I ask for help worldwide .
And the Beijing bitches threats to kill me .
And the Beijing bitches finally abducted me into the Shenzhen prison the same way as they did to our company clerks , on Jul. 13th., 2007 .
We were tortured into half-death by their bitch way in the bitch prison , you can't bear . You can only pray the earth to blast and kill all the bitches for you .
4 persons of a family , including a cousin , in prison , not knowing alive or dead , can you bear ?
No one of the bitch Chinese government do anything to punish their bitches and pay for their bitch actions to us till now , though I'm still asking for help worldwide !

If you still think such a bitch government is hopeful , please type out all the documents in the
" ( On the top of this page you can also see the data download link as shown below. ) (With the proof list,pics and text only .) "

or by this way without the "www" :
>>>>> ( On the top of this page you can also see the data download link as shown below. )>>>>> (With the proof list,pics and text only .)
>>>>> ( This is the same content but in a different place ) ( You can also refer to our housing zone forum here in Beijing if you can read Chinese, this housing zone is basiclly for the famouse TSING HUA UNIVERSITY . You can see many bitch PRETENDERS there. Even though , you need to login with the webmaster's permission ! )

and send to the highest court of the bitch China through the address below :

最高人民法院立案庭 东城区东交民巷27号100745 85256114
The Registry Court of The Highest Court of China , Building No.27, DongJiaoMinXiang, east city zone, Beijing, China
Zip 100745 , Tel. 86 010 85256114

Don't say it's my idea .
We don't know whether the bitches will do next . They are stakeouting all our family members and friends every day .
If we can't do anything to save ourselves , they might kill all of us by their bitch way sooner or later .

The following part is the text part of the old asking-for-help letters with real time update during all those bitch days .

Unexpectedly , Anndy was abducted by the bitches as well on July 13th. , 2007 . And had been put into the bitch prison as a DEAD person until all the friends stand out to save her out on Jan. 12th. , 2008 , six months being treated like a dead person in the bitches' prison !
Anndy's little brother JOY Wang is still in the bitches' prison as a postage !
The 7pcs of computer towers , 2pcs of notebooks of Firstsing Co., Ltd. is still in the bitches' hands and they are making all kinds of trouble to us instead of returning these to us . They had rob everything of ours and taken as their own , our QQ , MSN id shows that they are using our computers ! You know our business data costs more than RMB50 Millions , more than USD7 Millions !
Certainly the bitches haven't paid anything to their bitch sin till now !
Can you bear this ? Do you prefer to live as a bitch as well ?
What shall we do ?
Please always take care of us , in GOD'S SAKE !
Thank you !
--- Written by Anndy on Feb. 27th. , 2008
P.S. The following is the old data you see before I was abducted !
My friend told me that the FBI is taking care of this case !
The Chinese Government is indirectly murdering people !!!
The background wire-puller of the big group murder is the Chinese Centra Government Officer's local tyrant son ! But the local tyrant is a local tyrant , he doesn't have any human heart , he doesn't have any human brain , he is just a cheap chessman of our House Keeping Company , led by the Chinese No.1 university , the Tsing Hua University ! How could the Chinese government ignore the famouse Tsing Hua University by having them ruining our people and country like this ? Or how could the famouse Tsing Hua University having their House Keeping Company ruining our people and country ?
54 days now . What do you think we can do to save our 3 brothers out ?
Added the email from our customer on May. 29th. , which can show you that the background wire-puller is always lying .
I've loaded the Intern Certificates and the meals fee receipt of the prisoners into our website now . We need all the world to watch us tightly to insure our safety .
I've loaded the hospital treatment pics of the dog-bite-matter here now .
( Please kindly ask as many people as possible to help us , thank you ! I've put the international media and embassy email addresses in our site now , you can download and email them to ask for help for us ! Thank you ! )
惨案中文版 Chinese version ;
北京狗咬人系列恐怖事件The terribile things since a dog bitten my mother in our living zone in Beijing
Forecast of the full story : In China , the citizen zone of the famouse TSING HUA UNIVERSITY , I have my own house here , but the house keeping company arranged a dog to bite my mother and then the dog owner hit my mother , this is to threaten all those refusing-to-pay citizens , they choose us to threaten is because we seems to be the weakest here . After that , they shouted at us instead of asking the dog owner to send my mother to hospital . You know , dog-bite means more than 25 years of life danger ! We called the Beijing police but they threat us more , nothing else ! Then I send this matter to all the Chinese media and government departments , but only got more than 100 threats to our house , nothing else ! I’ve reported all relative things to the Beijing City President’s mail box for 10 months till now , you can still check there : On May 21st , my Shenzhen office has been robbed , abducted , and the only three capable persons of our company , my 3 brothers , have been put into PRIZON till now , 11 days passed , not knowing when to be released !I’ve been asking for help all around China , all around the world , but I’ve got only threats from China , nothing else ! My family members have employed a LAWYER at more than RMB200,000 , USD29,000 , but he hasn’t saved our 3 brothers out as well , even the police is trying to arrest my sister-in-law again since she has given some proves to me to accuse them ! This is done by a few of the local police clerks , but I’ve been driven mad to accuse them , and then they put our 3 brothers to the Shenzhen city prison and make accusal to us saying we are DOUBTED selling copied products ! You know we are a small TRADE company raising our JOBLESS family members and relatives only , we don’t produce anything . How could them kill us so unhumanly just for ransom ? You know there are more than 400 relative FACTORIES in Shenzhen , they PRODUCE these products for more than 10 years ! They are all SAFE ! The Chinese government haven’t stopped relative FACTORIES for TEN YEARS , but they can come to ROB , ABDUCT AND KILL a small trade company like ours , why ? I’ve been asking for help to all the relative Chinese government departments for all the 13 days but no one stand out to release my poor brothers !Please save our lives , save our business , save China !
In China , the beggers on streets can be caught by the police and hit them , confiscate their money , then release them ; then they beg again , and being caught again , being hit again , being confiscated again …What’s the Chinese LAW ?Where to give in to find a way to live with freedom ?
53 days now . Another 2 " neighbours " come to threat my mother and ask what we'll do next . Still they won't stop their murdering actions !It means the Chinese government still haven't stopped them !And the Beijing HaiDing Court hasn't replied to my petitions yet . Anyway , we have the USA FBI investigating in this case for us secretly now . Truth is always the truth , and god will bless the innocent people !
52 days now . Is the Chinese government really " investigating " ? Why so many crime can happen during such a long " investigating " ?
13033372145 ( This No. is from QunMing , YunNan , China . )00019688621100131206570001931201000190886212008213120657From 9:19am to 9:23am this morning , I've got so many calls from the same one murderer as shown above ! Still trying to threat me down ! ( There is a famouse Chinese saying , " A man never ever needs to change his name . " Only the murderers need to change their Tel. No. 6 times in 4 minutes ! ) But why the Chinese government haven't stopped it for 52 days with such a big group murder ???
The Chinese No.1 University , Tsing Hua University , has announced that they'll kill me , and all my family members . They've used all the threats they can earn . They've used all the house owners of our citizen zone , which agree to act as bitches and terrorists for them . They've used my " friends " and family members ... They are working for bigger intrigue to us now . My 3 brothers and I am grown up in poor environment , never had us enjoyed any " safe " live , we are always working hard , longing for a peaceful and lovely job and live , but the " government officers " destroyed everything of ours in a sudden night ! They've robbed everything from us and put us into prison ! We know the Tsing Hua University is the home of the malfeasants , but why they can't even let pass the innocent young guys ? Why they have to force us into bitches or slaves or put us into prison and kill ?How could the Chinese government headquarters face such a truth ?Can they deceive themselves forever ?Can the heart-breaking people combine a " peaceful " world ? I've FAXED the petitions to the Beijing Haiding Court at the No. 86 010 62697014 this morning . But to the Shenzhen Court , at 86 755 8353 5000 , they tell me to call 8353 5840 instead , which refused to answer me though I've called for almost one hour ; then I called the 83535000 again , it stopped once heard me .
Another thing forgotten to mention , another " neighbour " from our citizen zone comes this morning telling us to " move out off this citizen zone " again ! You know we've BOUGHT OUR HOUSE here , why we have to move out ? Which place of CHINA will be SAFE for us ?
I've accused for 52 days ,my 3 brothers have been disappeared for 52 days till now since been put into prison ! The Tsing Hua University's house keeping company HuaQingWuYe has used ALL the bitches in our citizen zone and even my " friends " worldwide , to threat me to go to Shenzhen to buy my 3 brothers out by myself , you know they feel so free to kill me in Shenzhen and deny everything ! They also threat me to leave this living zone , you know who want me to leave my living zone ? !But what's the Chinese government doing ?You can see more than 100 bitches running arround in our citizen zone asking my mother who has told her the truth , they are biting each other now ! Bitches are always like this ! But what's the Chinese government doing ? Why they can't " INVESTIGATE " clearly for such a long time with our 3 brothers in prison and all 30 family members heartbreaking and our company loosing market ? Is that just the way the TSING HUA UNIVERSITY and the Chinese government murdering people ?

I've sent my petitions by email to all the media and government departments , and will FAX to all the relative Chinese government departments again . 我把这些诉状发 email 给了所有的媒体和政府部门,但是无法传真给中国相应的国家机关了。
Just got another call at 16:49 , Jul. 9th. , from 135 8183 2208 to my mobile No. 135 5226 5676 , saying he is a stranger and reader of my case , telling me that I've offended too many persons , telling me that I have to " lose as less as possible " ...Who has offended who ? Who have to " lose " ? Why they never thought about their own sin and never thought about their offend to our justice and peace and HUMAN RIGHT ?
I've just called the Beijing Municipal Committee and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality at 86 010 63088548 saying I'll send some accusement documents to them and asking for a FAX No. , but they refused by saying , " We don't accept any accusement . "Then Called the No.1 Court of Beijing at 86 010 68635255 but never has anyone replied my call . Then called the No.2 Court of Beijing at 86 010 87622297 also no reply forever , just to my Tel. No. ?Then called the High Court of Beijing at 86 010 85268124 and 86 010 85268511 asking for their fax No. , they said , " We don't have any fax No. " !Then called the Supreme Court of the PRC at 86 010 85256114 and 86 010 85256131 but always " busy " !You know the Tsing Hua University's house keeping company has sent killers to follow my mother and me everyday ! It's not safe for us to go to the courts by ourselves ! We are always staying at home ! Even so , they follow my mother when she goes out to buy vegetables ! My mother went out to print the litigation documents yesterday , she found two men following her ! And after that , she ordered a bag of rice from a shop nearby , there comes the bitch leader of our citizen zone ! The rice shop owner hasn't sent that bag of rice to us finally , not knowing why ... but maybe the bitch leader has told him to do something in our rice ???When my mother comes home , all bitches are asking , " Has him sent you the rice ? Has him sent you the rice ... ? "My mother had to went to another rice shop and buy another bag of rice and asked him to send to us face to face , even so , my mother can't help worrying about that the rice has been made poisonous ! And at night , the bitches come again to " explain " to my mother forwardly , saying maybe the shop owner is busy , maybe the shop owner is afraid that we won't pay him , etc. Why they can do so many humanless things but never one thing humanly ???
I've sent my petitions by email to all the media and government departments by email , but can't FAX to any of the relative Chinese government departments .
This No. : 010 8393 7655 ( This woman's sister is working in the Ministry of Construction of the PRC ! Which means they know the builder of our citizen zone , which is the headquarter of our house keeping company HuaQingWuYe Managing Co., Limited. ! And she is calling to threat me as my " old friend " ! You know it's the HuaQingWuYe told her to do ! ) called my mobile No. 135 5226 5676 at 9:09am today , Jul. 8th. , saying they'll kill me to stop my accusing ! I've accused for 49 days ,my 3 brothers have been disappeared since been put into prison ! The Tsing Hua University's house keeping company HuaQingWuYe has used ALL the bitches in our citizen zone and even my " friends " worldwide , to threat me to go to Shenzhen to buy my 3 brothers out by myself , or they'll kill all of us , they've already ACTED !Where could I get anymore money to BUY my 3 brothers out ? And how much they want ? And how will they remain us with a peaceful live ? Never had them thought of STOPPING their humanless actions ! Could such a group of wolves work as a " house keeping company " ? How many wolves could we feed up even though they can kill us all and drink our blood , eat everything we've earned by our hardworking ? How could we earn peaceful live under their sin ? Why the Chinese government hasn't stopped them till now ? Is China a place for humanbeings to live in ?
Another CRIME happened ! My old sister-in-law was almost KILLED on Jul.5th. ! My old sister-in-law and her brother went out to by materials on Jul. 5th., bringing RMB5300 and 3 mobiles ( her brother's , my younger sister-in-law's and her own ) , and her bank cards and Citizen Certificate in her bag . A motorcycle driver comes ransomed her bag and drag her on the street for 4 meters to make her wounded all arround ! If there comes a car , my old sister-in-law will be roll to death ! There are many POLICE following that motorcycle driver ! And on the next day , Jul. 6th. , the Shenzhen Baoan Fuyoung Police Station called my old sister-in-law to take her bag back , only with the bank cards and Citizen Certificate , no money and mobiles !Is that telling us HOW EASY THEY CAN KILL ANY OF US ?Is that telling us CHINA will go to perdition soon ???
My 3 brothers have been put into prison for 48 days till now .The Tsing Hua University's House Keeping Company HuaQingWuYe has sent two more neibours of our citizone as dogmen to speak to my mother . one said , " You've made this matter big , you've made them spend money on it , you must pay money to buy your sons out . " , the other said " You've anoied them , they'll do harm to you everyday ! " And another one asks me today , " The Shenzhen City is so far away from Beijing , how could the TSING HUA UNIVERSITY'S house keeping company know your company ? " You know they have all our house owners' names , including mine , they can find our company immediately from internet if they search by my name ! And they'd threaten us 11 months before , saying that they'll ruin our company and do harm to our family members ! 11 months is enough for them to arrange all the crime , that's the way they treating anyone who don't want to be bitches or wolves .And when I went out for shopping , I felt terroists following me !The Chinese law won't admit these things . Because you can't make proof for that , you can't take photo of him since he has his " humanright " if he is one of the wolves' legs . They'd hold all our company members into middle night and abducted all of them , they'd robbed everything from our company including all business computer towers ; they've hold all my 3 brothers in prison for 48 days till now forbidding anyone to meet them , they've ransomed more than RMB900,000 from our family members indirectly till now ... We don't have any more money to employ anyone else to help us now . I've loaded the Intern Certificates and the meals fee receipt of the prisoners into our website now . We need all the world to watch us tightly to insure our safety .My family members have been forced to stop the relative relationship with me , they dare not to send me any more " proof " after that , only tell me a few things now and then when I ask .You know if the government is working for the FAIR of the people , they can find the truth out immediately and they can't put anyone of us into prison !
My 3 brothers have been put into prison for 46 days till now .The Tsing Hua University's House Keeping Company HuaQingWuYe has sent tens of terrorists to us again , saying , " We can release your persons but impossibile to pay you for this matter . " " Don't push us too hard , or we'll kill all of you even after released from prison ! " They'd hold all our company members into middle night and abducted all of them , they'd robbed everything from our company including all business computer towers ; they've hold all my 3 brothers in prison for 46 days till now forbidding anyone to meet them , they've ransomed more than RMB900,000 from our family members indirectly till now ... Who is forcing who ?Is this HUMANBEINGS ?
Our company , built by our tens of years hardworking , has been destroied like this ; our family with more than 20 persons , totally hurt into death like this ...See all details from , my 3 brothers have been put into prison humanlessly for 44 days till now . They are " LEGGALLY " arrested and sentenced into prison for one month , but they've already been put into prison for 44 days , who pay this for us and who release them finally ? Why they can put us into prison as freely as they want ? The Shenzhen city police , the Shenzhen local police , and the Shenzhen Lawyers , can always play booty together freely and put people into prison for their ransom target like this . They've already threat-and-cheated more than RMB500,000 from our family members during these days , even more not reported to me , and , even our 3 brothers are more heavily forced and hurt day after day ! Even though , the bitches government is still using the bitches cheaters to ransom MORE MONEY ( Another RMB350,000 inquired ! ) from our family members !And the headquarters of the Chinese government haven't stopped them !
And another clue , a man called me to threat me using an american Tel. No. 1901212 and then a HongKong No. 852 16160000 to my Tel.No. 8601082423346 on Jun. 13th. in half an hour , I queried him , then he said , " I'm a business man ... I ... I'm calling by telephone cards ... I'm in USA ... "Maybe this man was the very background wire-puller ? Please invest in it for us !And during all these days , the HuaQingWuYe ( house keeping company of our living zone ) has sent many " house owners " to my house saying all kinds of words and asking " Is there anyone sent any message to you ? "The No.852 16160000 called me again at about 23:00 o'clock on Jun. 30th. , but this time another person calling , saying he is my " friend " , asking me to delete all the accusing datas from our , threating that it'll be harmful to my family !This time he said he is calling by SKYPYE PHONE ! You know they said they were calling by " phone cards " last time ! And I remember that last time the caller's voice is the same as the DOG OWNER's !Is the DOG OWNER JinTao Hu's son ? Or JiaBao Wen's son ?The Beijing HaiDing Police Station knows it well , they have his data , he is one of the Chinese Centra Government LEADER's son , and he is a crimer , bailed out off prison and still hurting people everywhere ! His dog had threaten a Doctor's 4-year-old daughter and he had bitten the Doctor instead , he had also bitten another 70-years-old woman in our living zone , and after that , his dog bit my mother , then he shouted at her and bit her ... then the House Keeping Company , the Beijing Police , the more than 100 threateners , including the one who announced that they'll kill my company and family members sooner or later ... and now , they did , abducted all our company members , robbed all our computers and goods , put all my 3 brothers into prison ... Sending more people to threat all my family members including me , myself ...Why he can do so much harm to us and no one stop him ??? And " them " ???My 3 brothers are still in prison , 44 days now ...
My 3 brothers have been put into prison humanlessly for 36 days till now . My family is totally broken , our company is totally broken . And the Chinese government wolves can put any Chinese people into prison like this " LEGALLY " for 37 days if they DOUBT you , that's the Chinese law ! Now only one working day left for the wolves to make decison to our 3 brothers and all the rest of us . Why they are always trying to add accusal to us and force us into rebell instead of correcting their own sin ?China is already the cheapest labour market in the world , the Chinese people is mostly bitches , and the PARTY of the PRC is a total group of bitches !In my bitches family , there is , at least , me , who don't want to be any bitch and who will fight until the last moment !But in China , who help me and who save all the bitches from their bitch-fate ?
Bitches won't protect bitches once foreign enemies come , that's their Nemesis !
Another important clue : One working day before the whole matter happened , on May 19th. , Saturday , my little brother , the BOSS , was hit by the supplier in his office because their quarrelling on product quality , and my little brother called the police , then came the Shenzhen Shangnan police . They have seen our goods in stock , and they come the next working day , Monday , on May 21st. Robbing and abducting started that way !!! They’ve seen we have big stock in warehouse and they know our Boss is a cowardly man !!!
I've sent all the same emails with full details and pics to all the Chinese government departments and medias since May. 22nd. but no one stand out to save us ! ( Someone said my 3 brothers will be released within today , but we haven't seen the truth till now ; the truth is they are used to kill people freely . )
My 3 brothers are still in prison , 35 days till now !My family members are all dead in heart . The 3 lawyers my family employed hasn't done anything good to us but have charged us RMB200,000 since the very beginning ! Not returned till now ! And the government hasn't stopped them as well ! What will happen in the 37 days ? And after that ? How many wolves we'll encounter and what's the TOMORROW of CHINA ?
Just got noted last night that the LAWYERS my family members has employed has finally got the password of our safety-cabinet from my little brother , our boss , and has got all the certificates and chops of our company !What are they doing ?Why no one stop them since I've accused them for more than 10 days ?Why no wolves put them into prison ?Who is letting it be ? Who is sharing it ?The Chinese people are so easy to be eaten ???
What the Chinese government has done all the time ? Except for robbing and abducting for ransom ?
Is this our personal thing ?
The countryside we've lived turns deserted , the city we are now working in turns rude ! The Shenzhen workers has only RMB300/month salary even only RMB4/day if the factory has no orders to handle ! If they are fortune enough to catch busy time of the factory , they can work for 12 hours per day , even more , and earn RMB500-700 per month ! What could they choose ? What could they eat ? And what if they are SICK ??? You know they have so little money ! ( I saved my 3 brothers and other family members in such a situation and I built the company for them ! While the government wolves come and trying to kill us all and rob all from us ! )
Why China has been the cheapest labour market of the world ?
When these young guys grown up , and come " old " , they can't raise their parents , they can't set up their own family , they can't cure themselves if they are sick , what will happen ?
The foreigners have come to China to earn money , why they haven't brought their welfare and freedom to the Chinese people as well ?
The Hongkong policy is so nice , why the Mainland China government won't learn from it ? Why the Mainland Chinese people should bear another policy ?
Why the Chinese people prefer to feed the wolves instead of hit them into death ???
The Chinese governments' " investigation " can take all the main members of a family into prison and can make all of the family members " break the boiler and sell iron " to feed and beg them to release our relatives ? The Chinese government wolves feel so free to do their " investigation " like this , but have them felt our scary and sorrow ???
All the people worldwide , please remember all these things and work together to make them pay us back !!!
You know I'm still asking for help from the Chinese government , but 35 days has passed without anything turns better !!!
The wolves have got everything illegally from our family members , and they have to keep threating them not to sue them ! Thus they are trying to hold at least the Boss of ours forever !!!You know our company is also registered in Hongkong ! How could them stop a Hongkong company by abduct their Boss forever ??? Where there is a government like this ???
My old brother had left school since he was 10 years old only , and he went out for working since 13 years old .
My little brother started to work as a coolie since 16 years old , he had to carry the heavy floor slabs with others , even dare not to stop when a nail punched his foot and blood permeated his shoes !
And I have to do part-time job all the spare time of schooling , I was almost hungry and sick to death during my school time ! I've overcomed everything others can't ! And I've learned everything others can't !
We treat our cousin as our own brother !
My 3 brothers are still in prison , 26 days till now !My family members are still " break the boilers and sell iron " to ask them to release our 3 brothers , but the wolves know that as long as they have our 3 brothers in hand , my family won't dare to accuse them ! But they don't know my family members will finally kill them if they can't bear any longer !!!The 3 lawyers my family employed hasn't done anything good to us but have charged us RMB200,000 since the very beginning ! Not returned till now ! They are always cheating and threating us together with the government wolves !
My old brother and old sister-in-law both are pupil graduates ! They have two 11 years old children in school ! How could they live in such a venomous China ?
My little brother has just got married for 5 months and his wife is having baby and taking medchine to protect the baby ! My little brother is so cowardly that he is always ragged even hit in the BOSS OFFICE ! How could him live in such a venomous China ?
My cousin has just graduated from college for one year and his parents only have one child , we treat him as our own brother !
I'm always protecting them , I help them to set up their own business so that they'll have their own job to live on , I have no time to think for my personal things till now , even I'm almost " old " , as a 31 years old Chinese " girl " .
You know how hard we live in China ? How could the wolves rob , abduct and hold my family like this ? Are they " humanbeings " ?
All the Chinese people will remember all the similar harm the wolves have done to us , we'll rebell and kill the wolves all sooner or later if they refuse to correct their killing actions and PAY IT to us !!!
My 3 brothers are still in prison , 25 days till now !Lost contact with all our family members for such a long time , no one permited to meet them !How venomous the Chinse government wolves are !
The 3 lawyers my family employed hasn't done anything good to us but have charged us RMB200,000 since the very beginning ! Not returned till now ! They are always cheating and threating us together with the government wolves !
My family members are " breaking our boilers and sell iron " to look for " relationship " to save my 3 brothers !
You know everything happen after the wolves have put out 3 brothers in such a humanless prison and forbidden anyone to meet or contact them !You know our feelings in such a situation ?Maybe only the Party of the PRC can treat people so insidiously ???
Hitler is so venomous but he is finally killed , why not such a Chinese wolve group ???
I hope the foreigners can come immediately and kill all the Chinese government wolves !!! And I'm sure MOST OF the Chinese people won't protect the WOLVES !!!Why the Chinese government never thought of treating the people FAIRLY ??? Could their cheating , locking , intrigue , and forcing make China Safe and Peacefull forever ???
My 3 brothers are still in prison , 24 days till now !Lost contact with all our family members for such a long time , no one permited to meet them !What will happen to them ? Will they be driven mad because of scary and sorrow ? Will they die or sick ? ( If they come to arrest me , I'll kill them face to face because I know how terrible the PRISON means now ! ) How venomous the Chinse government wolves are !Totally no human rights , then what else can be cared ???There is a famouse Chinese old saying , " Where there is a policy , there is a solution . " It means the government can FORCE the people , then the people can CHEAT them to make live ! But my 3 brothers are so young and faithful , they can't find any solution , thus they have been put into prison and even killed with no one know !!!
The 3 lawyers my family employed hasn't done anything good to us but have charged us RMB200,000 since the very beginning ! Not returned till now ! They are always cheating and threating us together with the government wolves !
My 3 brothers are still in prison , 23 days till now !If this happened to your family , what will you do ? Surely it won't happen to your family since you are not so cowardly as my family members ! But how could us save our 3 brothers out and save our family future in such a China ???Can you help ???The 3 lawyers my family employed hasn't done anything good to us but have charged us RMB200,000 since the very beginning ! Not returned till now ! They are always cheating and threating us together with the government wolves !How could you save us ?And how much it cost ??? Will it cost all our future of our family ???I hope the foreigners can come immediately and kill all the Chinese government wolves !!! And I'm sure MOST OF the Chinese people won't protect the WOLVES !!!Why the Chinese government never thought of treating the people FAIRLY ??? Could their cheating , locking , intrigue , and forcing make China Safe and Peacefull forever ???
6月11日I've sent all the same emails with full details and pics to all the Chinese government departments and medias since May. 22nd. but no one stand out to save us !My 3 brothers are still in prison , 22 days till now !I've just got noted that the 3 LAWYERS might return the RMB200,000 to us , but my family members dare not to take our money back , they are still begging them to save our 3 brothers out ! What will happen next step ?Why the "very small part of the Party " can ROB , ABDUCT and put us into PRISON so easily while the " absolutely most part of the Party " can't save our 3 brothers out from the prison they have set by themselves , for such a long time ? They are still trying to arrange some accusal for us ???For such a long time , tens of our family members have to suffer the terrible threat and sorrow , and even our 3 poor brothers can't get any contact with their beloved relatives , for such a long time ...This is our " Peaceful Society " ?
6月10日My 3 brothers are still in prison , 21 days till now ; and the LAWYERS even noted us that the Shenzhen Police has sent two persons to Beijing to ARREST ME ! My family members dare not to contact me and send me more proves now because of the government wolves' threat !We haven't done anything wrong but have been put into prison , the Chinese government clerks ROB , ABDUCT , RANSOM and KILL , but they have everything LEGAL ???They said we are doubted by selling copied Sony products , but we've sent the same details to Sony while Sony doesn't care ! And in Shenzhen , China , there are more than 400 FACTORIES produce these products for more than 10 years , they are all LEGAL and still working well . We are just a small seller of them , why all our family members should be put into prison ??? Why we have been tortious in a sudden night ? Isn't this the tricks the Chinese government wolves have made ?Even though we might be tortious , why not Sony sue us while the Chinese government wolves come to rob , abduct and put our 3 main family members into prison and ruin us into death by this way ? Sony is suing the , they've sued them for more than 7 months but NO CONCLUSION till now !Why the Chinese government can rob and abduct us like this ?Our company has been registered both in Hongkong and Shenzhen , do the Shenzhen government need to rob and abduct us in a sudden night ? In our working computers there is our BUSINESS DATA which costs uncountable value ! And even more , human safety is inviolable ! What's the Chinese government doing ??? No " human rights " , where comes " copy right " ? If we have tortiouse to SONY , we can answer SONY's sue , we have the manufacturers to depend on , we have the foreign customers to depend on , we don't need to be bitten by the Chinese government dogs ! Our family members have employed 3 lawyers in Shenzhen , but they haven't saved out 3 brothers out in 19 days . While they've brought us so much threat , they noted our older sister-in-law to hide , they noted our youngest brother's girlfriend to hide , they brought a wrong password to my younger sister-in-law and say it's told from my little brother , our boss , to open our safety-cabinet ! They can't open it correctly , then tried to brake it , but fortunetly failed ! They want to get our Boss's certificates to draw money ! After that , they bring us another message saying that our boss tell my younger sister-in-law to pay them RMB500,000 to buy them out ! And the manufacturer of the goods , told my younger sister-in-law to give out our House Property Certificate !!!My younger sister-in-law has paid the 3 lawyers RMB200,000 in the very beginning , what's the RMB200,000 doing ??? What's these 3 lawyers' names ? What's their mobile No.s ? They are LAWYERS , why their contact details should be strictly keep secret to me ?In the 21 days , only the 3 lawyers have met our 3 brothers , but no one of our family members were permited to meet them !Are my 3 brothers driven MAD now ?What's the Chinese GOVERNMENT doing ? What's the Chinese LAWYERS doing ?The Chinese GOVERNMENT can continue to let them acting like this ? The Chinese GOVERNMENT can't stop it ? The Chinese GOVERNMENT want to hold us all into death like this ???We have more than 10,000 international wholesalers , which means our hard work and we are accepted and aprobated by the WORLD ! But what the Chinese government wholves have learned and worked except for robbing and abduction and ransom ? We save everything we can save in our daily lives , even we can't see a doctor when we are sick . We work hard every day , six days per week and less than 10 days break per year ! We are all runny because of hypersusceptibility , we have to be runny for 7 months per year , almost dying , but still have to work hard !We were hearvily pressed in the countryside thus we struggle to the city , we have efforted for so many years without any relax ! My older broher has just bought a house but not yet fit , my youngest brother has just got married for 5 months and his wife is just having baby and taking medicine , my brother-in-law has just graduated from college for one year , and I've been always hardworking and no time to look for a boyfriend until 31 years old till now , as a Chinese girl !We don't have ANY insurance from the Chinese government !We've just built our own business and bought our own house and been thinking of living a safe live !But have the Chinese government given us any day SAFE ???They treat our company and family as their vegetable garden ? They can come to take and KILL anytime they like ?The Chinese people are used to be slaves and the Chinese government is used to be wolves . Except for me ! But how dangerouse such a China will be ?( If the Chinese people have learnt how to protect themselves , the Chinese government wolves won't dare to rob , abduct and kill people like this . My 3 brothers and other family members haven't learned to protect themselves , and the government wolves found it so easy to kill them and ransom , then disater happened like this . So please all the world support us to earn confidence for all the Chinese people to fight against wolves .Please send all my emails asking for help to as many medias , government departments and personal friends as possibile , thank you ! )I'm still asking for help from the Chinese government , but 21 days passed with everything coming worse and worse only !!!
My three brothers haven't come back yet !They even want to arrest my sister-in-law again ! Just because she has sent some prooves to me ,the Intern Certificates and office photos !You know my family has rent a lawyer at the price of RMB200,000 ! Even more money spent relatively !But they dare not to tell me the lawyer's name and mobile No. , or they will be also arrested and put into prizon !And I dare not to go to Shenzhen as well !I've lost all my hope to them !I have only angry in heart now !I have to leave China and accuse them untill they all die ! I have to ignore all our family's lives including my own !!!You know the Chinese government wolves are totally lying !You can see in the 3 Intern Certificates ,they write the same Notify Party name , Chen GuiXin !You know Chen GuiXin is my old brother Wang DaLun's wife , and Wang Julun has his own wife , Wang ZaoSan has his own parents though he hasn't got married yet !Why they specify all the Intern Certificates all to Chen GuiXin ?Because it's ADDED AFTER MY ACCUSING !Because it's just ABDUCTING in the very BEGINNING !You know they've sent an email to our customer lying that our boss has FLEED !You can see from our business certificate that our boss is Wang JuLun and from the Intern Certificate there is a Wang Julun !You can see they are lying to our customer by saying that we are arrested because of Sony documents , while Sony hasn't put the famouse members into prizon ! The used to be the most famouse company in our business field , they sell everything ! Including everything we are selling ! And there are more than 400 similar companies in Shenzhen now ! They are all living well while many of them have been robbed like this , and they give money to the government wolves quietly without accusing them ! But the government wolves are too acriditive to us because all of us are CHILDISH YOUNG GUYS ! You know they dare not to arrest others but they have arrested all capable members of our company !They are trying to rob all our money by this way !You know we are always hard working and learning while they have only learned how to rob and abduct using the CHinese Law !You know they've arrested all our family members which might be capable to fight against them ! They haven't abducted me just because I am in another city far away Shenzhen , which is Beijing , the capital of China !You know I've sent emails to all the Chinese government departments including the Beijing ones , but no one stand out to save us till my 3 brothers have been abducted and put into prizon for 11 days and even more !You know the RMB200,000 LAWYER hasn't saved our 3 brothers out instead of trying to arrest my sister-in-law again !You know what's the Chinese LAWYERS doing ?You know all the not arrested members of our family are trying to give up while only me , am accusing them difficuly !Who can save me ? And who can save my family ?Who can save our business and fortune earned by hard working ?Who can save such a China ???
Our 3 brothers have been abducted by the government wolves for more than 250 hours till now . My old and kind friend ! Read all the letters carefully and save our lives !!!You can call your Embassy to say that you have big business with us and ask them to force the Chinese government to release all our persons and fortune immediately !The Chinese government is sitting and see how and where I can sue them !They are trying to hold us in deadly anxiouse and heart breaking until we finally fall down !!!Our 3 brothers and all fortune have been rob and abducted by them for more than 90 hours till now !How could we bear any longer ?You can also send this relative profiles from me to all your media there , to force the Chinese government release all of our members and fortune and business datas immediately and don't hurt us after that ! If they hurt us after this matter , you can kill all their relatives there in your country ! You know the bad Chinese officers have enough money rob and abducted from the hard working Chinese people and then they have accomplished in sending their relatives abroad ! Another matter happened threatenning my mother's life nearly 10 months ago has been attached in Chinese letters , I'm too busy asking for save our lives to translate this file . I've been suing to the capital of China , the Beijing City Presidents' online mailbox all the 10 months , they haven't given me any direct answer for it , but insdeadly , they've sent more than 100 terrible persons to my house to threaten my mother and me ! You can also send to your embassy and your media !(I've already sent this message to more than 10,000 people , but still we need as more power as possible to force the humanless Chinese government release our brothers and goods and all business computers with datas !) 28日7:56WHAT’S the Chinese Law ? And what are the Chinese government wolves doing ? They can Rob and abduct and KILL people freely , but what have them done for us ? We can build the Long River Bridge when Administrator Zhou En Lai leads us , we can build the MiYun Water Station when Administrator Zhou En Lai leads us , we can build the GeZhouBa water station and power station when Administrator Zhou En Lai leads us . But what the current Chinese government leads us to do ? They lead us to produce copy , and to rob and abduct and kill us legally once we’ve earned money ???How much sorrow should us bear to live in China ? How much sorrow should us bear to stand out as a “ peasant labour ”and finally build up our own business ? And how could the Chinese government wolves kill us like this ?What rights have the Chinese Law given to us ? And what rights have the Chinese Law given to the government wolves ? They can send more than 100 persons to threaten you instead of giving you a little fair ? They can kill you all legally in stead of supporting you to run a good business ? Please , all the world , give your hands to us to save our 3 brothers out , to save all the Chinese people !
27日14:55 Our family is trying to buy our 3 brothers out !How much money do you think they inquire us to buy them out ? How much money do you think they'll be satisfied ? You know , in China , there are 100% copy for all the products made in China , inside or outside of the product ! Why ? Because the Chinese government is forcing the Chinese people to do this , and once we've earned money , they can come to ROB and abduct like they always do ! And how do you think they'll let us free to accuse them all our rest life ? They can send more than 100 persons to my house to threaten me to stopp accusing their arranging a dog to bite my mother during the last 10 months and till now ! And it's in Beijing , the capital of China !Anyway , my family is sending money here and there to ask for help to BUY them out !And I can't stopp accusing them before our 3 brothers are safely back !!!Please continue to help us whatever you can do to save my 3 brothers out !!!Thank you !!!26日14:44 My elder sister-in-law has finally got the "Intern Certificate " copy to me , and added into this email .Our hearts are all broken , please help me to join your contry ! I dare not to be a Chinese any more ! Since I'm a Chinese , I have dangerouse to death anytime ! Because I've tried to sue our government departments ! 25日11:08 Pics attached for more prooves I can get now . They are trying to abduct me , too . They say that they'll continue interning our 3 brothers for one month more ! They can kill anyone without any worry and no need any excuse ! They treat Chinese people as wolves treat sheeps !!! They won't permit anyone of us to meet our 3 brothers all along ! They must have bit our 3 brothers into heavily wound !!! Firstsing kitty :Just called the Police Station , they said need to arrest our 3 brothers for one month .Firstsing Anndy :Which Tel. No. they call to us ? Firstsing kitty :0755-84468574Firstsing Anndy : To which Tel. No. of ours ? Firstsing kitty :It's me who called out .kitty :Be careful ,Firstsing kitty :They are looking for you .
Firstsing kitty :They forbid us to meet our 3 brothers .
Firstsing kitty :The police Lee said to arrest our 3 brothers for 3 days before , but now ONE MONTH ! And forbid us to meet them !24日21:59 Dear all our friends all arround the world , we write this letter to ask for help to save all our Firstsing relative persons' LIVE !All our Firstsing workers in the office , including our boss and all the directors , had been abducted , more than USD40,060 cost of goods had been rob away , all our WORKING USE COMPUTERS had been rob away , more than 90 hours before , in a SUDDEN ! I'd been asking for help here and there during the 90 hours , but till now , we still have 3 directors , including our boss JOY WANG , in the abducter's hand !Dear friends , why it's so difficult to save them out ? Because it's done by a few of our CHINESE GOVERNMENT POLICE CLERKS , their target is to threaten our boss to pay them as much money as possible , you can see they've done such a big rob , how much money they want ? How much money they DARE TO rob from us if them hadn't put us into DEATH ??? You know we were all born from the countryside poor peasant family and even our parents had devoced since JOY WANG was a pupil student , Anndy Wang was a First Glass student of basic middle school , you know we have to leave our hometown to hunt a job in Shenzhen , you know how difficult for us to build our own business , you know our has such a high international rank as you can search by here : , you know how difficult we finally make a little achievements like this until today , you know Firstsing Company Limited is always doing good job ...How could the A FEW Chinese government Police clerks ROB , ABDUCT us and even KILL US if we refuse to accept the accusal they are going to make for us ??? How could them do this so FREELY ? How could all the Chinese government relative departments stay quietly without saving us even we've been asking for help for more than 70 hours ? Even we still have 3 directors including BOSS in their clerks' hands ? Even our business has been stopped for four working days and even endlessly more so terribly ? You know which the 3 persons' are ? They are , Jack Wang ( my elder brother , which has two children in pupil school , both 11 years old only ) , Joy Wang ( our boss ,my little brother , his wife is having baby at home ) , Kevin Wang ( My Uncle's only son , 24 years old only ) . I've also list their Chinese name in the following contents . ( I'm staying in Beijing , if I'm also staying in our Shenzhen office , I should also had been abducted , and then all of us should had been KILLED quitely then they can take all our fortune away freely without anyone else dare to SUE them ! ) What are they doing ?And what are they going to do ?You know the A FEW police clerks had shown ILLEGAL " INTERN CERTIFICATE " to JOY's wife 26 hours after they've rob and abducted everything from us , and by my continuouse questioning ! You know this can PROVE that our 3 directors and goods , computers are in their hand ! Why CAN'T SAVE ???All our natives are in deep sorrow and mess , only I'm here asking help because I'm staying in another city , Beijing , thus I haven't been abducted by that sudden terriblesom !Dear friends , if Chinese Government can KILL A CHINESE COMPANY at ANY TIME so FREELY , how dare you do business with Chinese people ???How could the Chinese people feel save and confident and peace and faith ???So please call as many as people to save us , including your government !Thank you very , very much !!!And the contents below are the real time record of the whole terriblesom !
23日18:53 Called the 0755110 , but my home Tel. and mobile both have been set " busy " when I call that No. !Called the 0755 27299550 ShangNan police station , they are now saying that the persons and goods were taken by the JINGZHEN ZHI DUI of the Shenzhen Police Station , no relation ship to them and they don't know anything ! Called the 0755 8446 5200 , the JINGZHEN ZHI DUI of the Shenzhen Police Station said they are in resting time , don't kow anything and can't check !Called the 0755 8446 2600 , The 3rd. Keeping Station of The Prejudication Branch of The Shenzhen Police Station , they said that they can't verify my certificate and can't tell me anything ! ( My sister-in-law and my aunt has been there to send cloths and paid them RMB600 of "meals fee " , but they haven't let them meet each other , they still have chance to deny everything . ) Surely they'll hit our 3 brothers badly and try to make them to accept some accusal so that they themselves will be "nothing wrong " !I've told them that if they dare to hit our 3 brothers , I'll ask them to check wound and then sue them ! How could I protect my 3 brothers and our LIVE IN CHINA ???Please help us urgently !!!They might even KILL them if they continue to refuse to accept the accusal !!!My three brothers' names are " Julun Wang , Dalun Wang , ZhaoShan Wang " . Please save my 3 brothers and all of our family members' life !!!All the relative Chinese Government Offices which HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for this matter haven't given us any " KIND " action till now !!!23日14:49 :The earlest news , our 3 members have been found to have been put into The 3rd. Keeping Station of The Prejudication Branch of The Shenzhen Police Station , their room No.s are 301 , 201 , 101 . It means that the ShangNan Police Station has got agreement with the Shenzhen Police Station now , they've finally decided to make us die !!!Our parents are taking trains to Shenzhen , our sister-in-law has been to the Police Station to send cloths to our 3 members , but they don't permit them to meet , even so , they asked our sister-in-law to give them money for our 3 members' meals !!! Our sister-in-law has given the officer RMB600 totally !!! Our company has been stopped working for three days till now because we are a trade company while all our COMPUTERS (and certainly all our business data ) have been abducted away by them !The goods abducted by them costs USD40,060 which has been due to delivery !!!If our business have to be STOPPED by this matter endlessly ,how could we live under such a matter ???23日13:53 If this matter doesn't have any further report before our 3 membors and all goods , computers got back , then I might also have been abducted !!!In this site , which is of the QingHuaUniversity , you can find a " foreveranndy " from the tales and dreams article , you can read many storis about me , you can know what a person I am . I'm a common citizen of China which has ingenuouse head and heart ! The Shenzhen Baoan ShangNan Police Station clerks personally abduct all members of our company , 5 persons has been abducted for 23 hours and then released , another 3 persons has been abducted for more than 41 hours till now and not released yet ! And most of our goods , all of our office computers have been abducted by them , too ! This is not a lawful government action , this is a terrible government clerk abduction using their power in hand ! Their target is to earn money from us by this way !All our families have been put into terrible anxious but no one seems to be helpful in time !!!Please kindly save us !!!
2007年5月23日 7:38 Persons and goods , business data , being abducted for more than 40 hours , the Shenzhen city police “ can’t find “ , why ?Another night all our family members haven’t slept , I call here and there anxiously to ask why , and finally found that it’s done by 5 clerks of the local police station ! They did it privately for ransom only ! ( But my company members are all young and childish peasant labours , how could them deal with such a sudden disaster ? )I had tried to hint the local police station to release our persons and goods , computers , again and again , and treat it as a normal abduction . ( You know how terrible to note the world that the government workers can act like this ? )But they are USED TO do these killing things ! They refused to release anyone , anything !(2007年5月22日20:41 补充记录)Since May 21st , 2007 till now , our members have been abducted for 29 hours and 41 minutes , and still 3 leaders not released . And during these nearly 30 hours , there are so many Tel. No.s called me , all threaten but contents have all kinds of difference and confliction ! ( You can call them by add 86 755 in front of all the No.s to test what they say about it even till now .27912186823444502718002829889139272995508113873988888003)In the beginning of the disaster , at about 15:00 , May. 21st , my company members tell me trough MSN saying that it comes several government clerks checking our office and have separated all our members . Not knowing which department they come from , and they haven’t shown their certificates . And some minutes later , they told me the CLERKS have separated our BOSS in his room and talking to him . Another minutes later , they were ordered not to receive any phone call to our company , and not call out as well . Another half an hour later , they all were strictly separated . And since about 16:00 , they can’t touch me by MSN . The last message is that the CLERKS are checking our computers !Since can’t contact , I can only wait .Till about 20:00 at night , I call my older brother’s mobile , asking whether the CLERKS have left or not , he said no , then I ask whether they have had supper or not , he said no , he speak very carefully and quietly . ( You know we have 9 members in the office while the CLERKS are only 5 persons , so sometimes some one can answer my call privately . ) I start to doubt them . I know no government departments can act like this , separating all members of a company for such a long time , not letting them rest in time , not letting them have meals in time , not letting them contact anyone outside … I doubt it’s someones acting as government clerks for ransom .I called my brother-in-law to ask relative things , too . Then at about 20:30 , I called the Shenzhen City at “0755 110 “ since I’m in Beijing . They told me that they’ll arrange the local police station to save us . Some minutes later , I call the local police station , they said it’s the Shenzhen City police and Quality Checking departments , checking our company . I ask them , “ Then why you separate all our members for such a long time ? Not allowing them to have meals ? Not allowing them to have rest in time ? “ They said , “ Ok ! We’ll send some clerks to see . “( The second day , I know from our youngest member which was released at about 1:30am , that the police has sent them meals at about 21:00 .)But all these things are SECRET !I can only call the “ 0755 110 “ to push them again and again to save our members , and also the local police station at 0755 27299550 . They only say “ check “ freely , nothing else .I tell them it’s not the government work manners , they say they “ check “ ; I call them again and again until 1:00am or so , and finally my No. was set “ busy “ when I call them again .All our members’ mobiles are stopped since about 24:00 o’clock !I can only wait until the next morning , sleeplessly . And I ask my younger sister-in-law , who is having baby and is staying at home in Shenzhen , she told me all our members and most of the goods , computers are taken away , only the youngest boy at 19 years old released ! ( This 19 years old guy is my nephew , he told me than in the beginning there are only 5 government clerks ,but at about 24:00 o’clock , many more come ! Taking our goods and computers and PERSONS ! They are all so young , so faithful , can you imagine how scary they feel ??? ) I call the “ 0755 110 “ urgently , asking them to save our members back immediately ! They tell me to call the local police station . I call the local police station again and they told me everything done by the CITY police and quality departments . ( Our youngest member released told me that in their car there is “ BAOAN “ which means it’s not the CITY government departments , it’s from the LOCAL TOWN ! )I understand the whole matter now and I call the “ 0755 110 “ and “ 0755 27299550 “ telling them it’s someone acting as government workers robbing and abducting , I ask them to save all our persons and goods , computers , they smiled and said “ don’t know “ .I urge them again and again .They tell different lies again and again .And at about 4pm , they released 5 of our members , still abducting our 3 brothers which are the only leaders of our company there . And they threat the 5 persons by saying , “ Never say anything wrong outside , or we can arrest you to prison for at least 3 years ! “
The 5 persons told me that they’ve all signed accusal there . And have told them everything about our company . These 5 persons have been separated and abducted for nearly 24 hours if to count from the time the CLERKS come . I called the “0755 110 “ and “ 0755 27299550 “ again telling the abductors have released 5 persons of ours , still 3 members not come back . They said , “ There are so many abductors , how could we find them ? “ It’s 22:00 o’clock on May 22nd. Now !The local police has MET the abductors , how couldn’t them find the abductors ???Who will take the responsibility if our 3 brothers are driven mad by this disaster ???Anndy Wang ,

See what they lied to our customer on May. 29th. :
And for the email below , you can see how they are LYING !----- Original Message ----- From: customerTo: Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 1:39 AMSubject: Fw: URGENT!! URGENT!! BKG#CL3680 MARCELO VILLELA // FIRSTING COMPANY FDSZSE0705139
----- Original Message ----- From: To: customerCc: ; ; Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 9:32 AMSubject: Fw: URGENT!! URGENT!! BKG#CL3680 MARCELO VILLELA // FIRSTING COMPANY FDSZSE0705139
Estimado Marcelo,
Buenos dias.
Le informamos que nuestros agentes de la oficina de Shenzhen fueron a ver al proveedor y lo que pudieron verificar aparece descrito en el mail mas abajo.
Ana LeeNavicon Overseas Chile S.A.Ph:56-2-4368056 Fax: ----- Forwarded by Ana Lee Song/Navicon on 28-05-2007 09:28 ----- "Lisa" 28-05-2007 05:56 To cc "Basilio" , , "Jaime Astorga" , Subject Re: URGENT!! URGENT!! BKG#CL3680 MARCELO VILLELA // FIRSTING COMPANY FDSZSE0705139
Dear Ana : After we request our friend to investigate and probe from political channel . were realized it's the truth that the sales man and manger of this supplier total three peoples took into custody by Shenzhen police because of SONY group 's denouncement . Now the value of cargo has been detained in police hand is around RMB220000 , exchange into USD is 29000 - commodity is some parts of PS 2 , like handle etc ...( Only bags and memory cards third party , not PARTS , not HANDLE !) But one thing is clear , the legal person of this company which shown on business licence is running away ( You can see our Boss is Wang Julun and he is IN PRIZON ! ) . And other staff is still working in company ( How to work ? No BOSS , no business data , no main machine of computers ! No safety in veryone’s heart ! ) . Not closed yet . After that , we contacted with Anndy Wang directly , she said all cargo ( Not ALL , only bags and memories third-party . ) belongs to this buyer has been confiscated by police . Discuss about other items of goods besides PS 2, ( There are PS2 products worldwide , not means copy , even nothing produced by us ! ) she said under this particular situation , unsure can supply these shipment to buyer . Because without boss ... I don't know who is the boss which she is talking about - The legal person on business licence or their manager who in jail now ... ( Acridity ! ) Our Shenzhen office informed us PS 2 ' right belongs to SONY , ( We are not producing or selling PS2 ) since last year SONY Shanghai representative claim Guangdong province government to protect their intellectual patent to strike a blow on some maker whom produce without their authorization . Many related person or the owner of manufactory were commited to prison by police .( Sony is suing but hasn’t put any of their members into prison ! ) Even sometime confiscate the cargo while such issue find out by local customs house and unable to search the final real person to take full responsibility . (Then why you rob and abduct us all in a sudden ? You know we are just a small trade company raising a few JOBLESS PEASANT LABOURS ! ) In this case , please check with buyer , the description of goods involved in this order . The one thing we can do is - verify whether the cargo on police hand is all belongs to this buyer . If anything we can help , please raise without hesitate . Tks Lisa ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Cc: ; ; ; Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2007 3:01 AM Subject: URGENT!! URGENT!! BKG#CL3680 MARCELO VILLELA // FIRSTING COMPANY FDSZSE0705139
Dear Lisa,
Good Morning.
One of our customers MARCELO VILLELA ( No. BL FDSZSE0705139) is having a very complicated problem with his supplier in Shenzhen FIRSTSING COMPANY LIMITED.
The goods were supposed to be shipped during these days, the money is already sent to the supplier , the total amount is for USD 92.000.-, but a problem came out at last minute and according to the explanation from the supplier ( Ms. Anndy Wang) the issue is as follow:
During these days Mr. Marcelo has been receiving emails from his supplier informing him that the office of the supplier has been robed by the local police and the goods and their computers were taken away from their warehouse and some of their stuff were also put in jail too. At the begining the client thought that it was a spam mail, so he didn't pay too much attention to it, but after receiving the second email , he have realized that all the names in the email matches with their supplier's so he became to get worried about this situation and asked us to help him to figure out what is really happening with their supplier.
So , i called and talked to Ms. Anndy Wang who is the contact of FIRSTSING and she is in Beijing right now, to know what she has to tell us and see how true it is all this situation. Fortunetly i have contacted her and she told me that because of the corruption in China , the local police in Shenzhen have taken all the goods away and put in jail their stuff because the police wants money from them and they are giving them a lot of problems. This situation started on the 21 of May. She also told me that the goods that they took away it was only from our client and nobody else's and she doesn't know if the goods can be return to them and that the money can't be return to the client because they don't know anything about what will happen next.
The client went to the Chinese embassy in Santiago and didn't get any reply from them, he will still going the the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and see what he can do from here but in the meantime we need your help
What we would like to know is if it's true all the situation so we need your help in this, please, send some one of your Shenzhen office to this supplier's office to see if it is really true what she is telling us and see if there's any goods left from the client in their warhouse and ship as many as you can get back, the client is really worry now. Please, let us know all the expenses that this visit may cuase, the client will pay for it.
I have attached the emails that the supplier sent to the client, there's also a letter in chinese.
The supplier's contact info and address are as follow:
Anndy Wang and Cherry,www.firstsing.comMSN: online every day!Beijing Tel./Fax.: 86 010 8242 3346Shenzhen,Tel:86 755 33663196 / 29889139/29889138 / 13798384719 Fax:86 755 33663197 4F,2# Building,ZhengFeng Industrial Zone,HuangPu Village,Shajing Town, Baoan District,Shenzhen City,China!
Thanks a lot in advance in helping us with this urgent matter.
Waiting for your soon reply.
Ana LeeNavicon Overseas Chile S.A.Ph:56-2-4368056 Fax: ----- Forwarded by Ana Lee Song/Navicon on 25-05-2007 14:39 ----- Basillo Georgudis/Navicon 25-05-2007 13:10 To cc Subject Re: Fw: Save Us !!!Link
Basilio Georgudis P. / Gerente GeneralNavicon Overseas Chile S.A. (NOCSA)56-2-4368056 / 56-9-2357926www.navicon.orgBasillo Georgudis/Navicon 25-05-2007 12:56 To Ana Lee cc Subject Re: Fw: Save Us !!!Link
Basilio Georgudis P. / Gerente GeneralNavicon Overseas Chile S.A. (NOCSA)56-2-4368056 / 56-9-2357926www.navicon.orgcustomer 25-05-2007 09:42 Please respond tocustomerTo "Basilio" cc Subject Fw: Save Us !!!

The following haven't been translated into English,which is about the dog-bite-matter and all the bitch things happened after that ...
I've loaded the hospital treatment pics of the dog-bite-matter here now .
2006年10月28日补充记录:事发至今快三个月了,没得到任何赔偿。同样的文章我发给了中国各大知名媒体,北京市各个相关管理部门,全都不给咱讨回这个公道。不服,继续发,继续告。 (清枫华景园业主论坛,很多关于物业相关罪证的贴子都被删了,但是还是有很多新的出来)
以下为历史记录。1. 我本闲云野鹤,不与恶人为伍,不与政府为敌。仅凭一身绝技逍遥于世外,与亲人情同手足,与高朋情谊无价,与善良尽力援助。此事全系天降横祸,撞到我头上来了,不得不狠打之以声张正义!!!
2. 关于物业:经过大家多方举证,足以证明物业恶劣和白色恐怖的“管理”手段!!!这等物业非重罚甚至撤除不可!!!细察众业主之举证,此物业“作恶多端”!单就狗咬人一事,同一个恶霸能在小区同时养三条大型恶犬长达数月,吓人无数,咬人无数,打人无数,恶狗恶人仍安然无恙,连个绳子都不必系!!!物业个个都“不作为”???我看这正是他们的“作为”所在!!!物业看谁不顺眼就放狗来咬谁,达到恐吓业主的目的!!!每次出事都会找到东升派出所这是自然!!!所以他们一定没忽视东升派出所的用处!!!且说事发当时有物业便装人员在场!狗咬人恶霸打人需要证人时他早已悄悄消失了!!!我母亲去物业评理时迎接她的首先是经理张燕,她说:“你等等”,随即到保安部,两分钟后带着何安部的一个人一起出来!我母亲边走边诉说事情经过,来到事发地,张燕叫我母亲:“你回去!你别在这儿嚷嚷!你在这儿嚷嚷我不好处理!!!”恶人说:“我捏死你像捏死一只小鸡一样容易!!!”我母亲则反复叫:“他狗咬我了!他打我了!你们还叫我回去??你们不处理是吧?”当时我已赶到现场,问母亲:“谁打你?”母亲指了指那个中等身材长着几根稀稀的短短的卷胡子的凶神恶煞的人说:“他打我!”我放眼去看,那恶霸便对我眼露凶光,恨不得也打我一顿似的!张燕继续大吼:“你们回去!”而未说恶人恶狗一个字!!!我怕母亲气坏,就说:“行,妈妈我回去报警去!”母亲当时看了张燕胸前挂的值日牌,就说:“你叫张燕呀?你不是经理呀?我要找你们经理说!”张燕回:“你爱找谁找谁!”于是跑了。“我等他捏死我!他说捏死我像捏死一只小鸡一样容易!你们都听见了吧?”妈妈继续在喊。我报了警之后再出来看母亲,就听母亲在叫:“我掐野菜怎么了?我掐野菜怎么了?”原来物业那个便装的人有叫那恶人向我母亲道歉,他的道歉竟是:“我请你吃饭?!我陪你去医院?!我陪你掐野菜?!”句句冲着我母亲,像要吃人似的!我怕母亲气坏,又安慰:“妈妈回去,我已经报了警了。”我想起110说要回电话来,便又回家,看已有来电了,便打过去问,说是警察五分钟就到,我又出门安慰我母亲,说:“妈妈别气,警察一会儿就到!” 物业人员显出慌乱,各自准备对策去了,闻讯赶来的保安队长随同恶人上了楼去,现场只剩我和母亲加站岗的保安了,也有业主闻讯赶来。“我等他捏死我!他说捏死我像捏死一只小鸡一样容易!你们都听见了吧?”妈妈继续在喊。我想着警察会给我们一个公道的,就拉母亲回家。母亲蹲在门口继续驳瓜子,我则准备上班了,看钟是13:26 !五分钟已到,我便出门,怕老母气坏了说不清话!出门我愣了一下!警车停在我单元门前而不是停在事发处!!!我赶上已下车的警察,说了声:“你好!”他当即恶狠狠地反问我一句:“什么?你说什么?!”我说:“我没说什么!我说‘你好’啊!”警察边走边问:“那是外国人吧?”值班保安答:“中国人”,保安队长横了他一眼怪他多嘴!警察又问:“他是租房子的吧?”保安答:“业主”保安队长又瞪他!走到二号楼四单元门前,警察问怎么回事,我母亲讲。并要求保安作证。保安队长赶紧抢着说“没咬到!没打!”等等!保安说:“当时阿姨经过这里的时候狗咬她,她们就吵起来了,我把他抱住了。”警察问:“狗咬到了没有?”保安说:“没有”。“打人了没有?”“没有”。我和母亲都气得不行,我说:“没打你怎么抱住他呀?!”保安又说:“我……我没看见……”???警察问:“他家门号多少?”保安答:“401”队长又瞪!警察按了半天按不对!我就伸手去按,他狠狠瞪了我一眼!!!门按响了,恶人在里面问:“你是谁?”答:“派出所的”“谁?”“派出所的”对方把门挂了!!!保安队长赶紧按密码开了门,他们进去了,我和母亲在外面等,因为相信人民警察!!!十分钟过去了,一点动静也没有!!!我怀疑,便也进去了!我一愣!警察和恶人等所有的人怎么都在201呢???我站在门口观察。保安队长在楼梯上守着。就听警察说:“你的狗证没有,你的狗我们得带走。”恶人在不停地打手机!“那不又要一个多月了吗?那我的狗不就没了吗?”“你的遛狗时间也不对。法定的遛狗时间是早七点以前晚十点以后。”恶人还是不肯让警察带狗,就说,这是日本人的狗——那狗根本不是当时咬我母亲的狗!那恶人一共有三条大狗全在401警察为什么不上去???那恶人还是在不停打手机,屋内还有一瘦瘦的白脸老外,一条小狗!那恶人叫那狗,那狗却跑到前面阳台去了,我站在门外望不到!就听警察细声说:“那你以后自己送过去吧。”又说:“你得跟我们去一趟派出所。”“又去派出所?”(挺不情愿的样子)“你很怕去派出所是不是?”(他们又走到前面我望不到的角落去了)他们出来了,大摇大摆地,我“灰溜溜”地跟在后面!正好保安换班排队经过我们身边,母亲就喊:“那保安别走!那保安留下来作证!”保安队长说:“他下班了”我愤怒:“这都狗咬人打人了他下班了就不能作证吗?不能给他换个班吗?!”保安队长说:“能”,才让他跟我们一起去了。小保安顶多十六七岁,红扑扑的小脸,娃娃样!小保安说:“我不知道……”我说:“妈妈跟他们一起去。妈妈要我跟你一起去吗?”母亲说:“我也要去啊?”“当然要去!”“你不用去吧,我去。”“行,妈妈他们要是敢做伪证我告死他们!”警察一直到现在没说要我们一起去!!!恶人及保安队长很是得意!母亲说:“我要喝水,你给我拿水来。”我匆匆回去拿水,警察横了她一眼!母亲怕了,又说:“你也去吧,你跟我一起去。”我赶紧回家锁门,警察就对我妈吼:“快点!”我妈说,我等我女儿一起去。我们上了车,恶人还是在不停地打电话!车行五分钟左右就到东升派出所了。期间恶人打手机的表情先是有点慌的样子,后来就听得“没事了,就这点破事!没事了!”下车后警察进去了,我们在接待厅等,警察把保安队长叫进去说了二十来分钟!!!恶人在门厅外接手机来电说:“我现在在派出所。没事了!”恶人喜笑颜开大摇大罢,叫那白脸老外给他买水喝去!(白脸老外是来干什么的?!)恶人和刚才开车的警察在说笑握手!!!二十分钟后保安队长出来了,小保安进去了,三分钟后小保安出来了,我母亲被叫进去了,我跟在后面,但是警察狠狠地把门关上了不让我进!!!此间物业又来了好几个人,在门外候着!!!十分钟后我母亲出来了,眼泪汪汪气喘吁吁!!!“妈妈他们怎么说的?”“他说他们管不了,你要告你去告去。”(后来妈妈才说到警察把她叫进去恐吓她,对她吼:“我去的是201你知不知道?!!我们看见的是一条小狗你知不知道?!我们管不了你知不知道?!”)这时候就见那恶人大摇大摆走进派出所办公间,我紧跟着他!!!他拍着警察的肩说:“好了,不影响你们工作了,咱们到外面去说吧。”警察就跟他到外面来了!!!我说:“妈妈咱们走!咱们告他们去!!!”妈妈说看他们怎么处理。警察说:“怎么样?让他给你道个歉?”“道歉?!他狗咬人了还打人了就道歉就行了?!”妈妈还是坚持等着“处理”。那恶人很不屑地斜了我妈一眼就算道歉了!!!连“对不起!”都没说警察就打发我们走人!!!“你看他这像道歉吗?!”“你怎么跟领导说话的?!” 警察对我极尽凶恶的口气!!!“这里你是领导还是他是领导?!他叫你出来说话你就出来说话?!他叫你进去说话你就进去说话?!”我愤怒地拉母亲走人。那恶人则对警察说:“我没事了我走了啊?”然后伙同物业一帮流氓坐车扬长而去!!!我和老母冒着酷暑步行回家!!!
3. 关于东升派出所警察:以上已有祥细记录,大家清楚了吧?公道自在人心!身为人民警察担负着百姓生命安危竟是如此办事???4. 后续:我和母亲刚走进小区三号楼的过道,就碰到那恶人和大胡子业主老杨,老杨叫那恶人向我母亲道歉,这次他的确诚肯地道歉了一回!老杨亦叫我不要再提些事!!!我也想原谅他们,但回到家一想,老杨是什么?老杨不就是个邻居吗?邻居叫我算了我就算了?!这么一堆恶事全算了?!老杨叫我不提我就不提了?!如此嚣张的恶事就一句话算了?!!!我决定写下来向各大行政、司法部门以及媒体请求公道!!!我发的文章材料大家都看到了。我也是有工作的人,勤勤恳恳工作的人!要不是这等恶人恶事撞到我老母身上,我的生活依然是平静悠闲的!花了这么多心血,找了这么多人,加上业主们提供的多方面证据相关材料我也同时都向各大行政、司法部门以及媒体发了。大家建议把事情经过写详细些,我补充过一次,海淀分局督察办的也打电话来过,说会查此事,“至于派出所的处理么,我们只能调节,赔钱的事我们管不了,你得上法院上诉”他说!!!合理么???我便继续呼救!!!当晚,东升派出所警号036682(他自己说的,有没有假我不知道!)打电话来,简单问了事情经过以及我的要求,便说:“明天你们到派出所来一趟!”凶巴巴的口气!!!我答:“我明天得带我母亲去医院打狂犬疫苗!!!”我感到气愤,所以也不示弱!他又缓一下口气说:“那我明天给你打电话?”我说:“行。”但他并没有说他会要求狗主带我母亲去医院检查以示诚意道歉!!!第二天我继续呼救!警察没有打电话来!!!第三天,东升派出所警号037400(也是他自己说的,有没有假我不知道!)的张警打电话来,态度和蔼,说处理到我满意为止,且两天内办好!!!我等消息,没再呼救,但是我把这消息也发给所有相关的人以跟踪案情!第四天下午15:09,警号039782(也是他自己说的,有没有假我不知道!但发现跟他身上挂的牌子不一样!而且他留给我的回执单上写:受理人:沈东 联系电话 82388501,为什么他又说他姓“张”??!)张警带一助手来做笔录,一进来问我在哪个单位上班,我说我在家上班,“在家上班?!”口气有恶意!“是,我们公司不在北京,在深圳!”我回敬!他说带的记录纸不对,是些盖了章的纸,助手便上车重新拿纸!!!警察问我母亲讲途案情,其助手就说内容太多那两张纸写不完,他又开车回去重新拿纸来!!!他再次返回时这边警察正在写笔录,他在警察耳边咕噜了几句说有什么事,我听不懂说什么,“张”警很快结束了笔录要我母亲在每页都签上字并写上“以上全部属实”!母亲签完之后便说:“这个能让我女儿看一下么?”他说:“当然可以。”我便看,其中写到狗咬处:无於血,无伤口什么的,我就问他:“我母亲的右腿被狗咬破皮了你怎么不写?”他说后面写了,后面快结束的地方的确写了“破皮”二字,我也没细看,没理论。但发现关于那两名警察第一天事发时来处理的相关情节他全没写!!!我问这是怎么回事,他说:“你总不能叫我自己处罚自己吧?”我说:“是谁干的就处罚谁!”他笑笑走了!临走时说:“主要是物业和狗主的口供都跟你们说的不一样。”(大家如何判断???)今天已是第五天,东升派出所没有进一步消息!!!倒是这两名警察走后的当天傍晚七点左右,物业一名干事把我们单元门口的保安拉到一旁说话,然后保安过来说:“阿姨,你叫大姐姐别告了,大姐姐也要上班。你要是告的话就去物业找证人。”——这是什么意思??做贼心虚兼进一步恐吓?!!!这两名警察给出的结论不善!我便继续呼救!!!第三天早上物业自行车棚的老别(是我们老乡)特地过来拉话询问情况,并说可以介绍几个老乡给我。晚上遛弯时又碰到他,还说及此事,很热心的样子,并说“明天”把那老乡的电话号码给我们。第四天中午我去车棚推车子碰到他,他赶紧抄了三家问号、电话号、联系人、联系电话给我。晚上留弯时我便去找他们,第一家把我挡在门外凶了一顿,然后说X老师不在家,要一个星期以后回来;第二家干脆不开门;第三家仍把我们挡在门外像对付叫花子一样!我正欲走,她老公回来了,很不友好地“告诫”我别弄得自己收不了场!!!我说:“我没告死他们我就不活在这儿!!!”他马上转口说叫我去找清华创新大厦的管我们这物业的人,并借口电话号码没有,把我们支到另一业主家门口!!!好像这意味着一场大祸???!!!如果在我和我母亲的身上发生了任何“意外”,请所有中国人提高警惕!那将意味着中国没有人身安全!!!这“另一业主”倒是和悦,说希望我们能告成功,不仅为我们自己争回了人身安全保障,也为小区所有业主争回了安全保障——没有安全就什么都做不了啦!!!我母女的两颗心该这样惶恐多久???大家觉得这事“正常”吗???此愤不平,控告不已!!!请所有正义的人们站出来还我母女一个平安!!!!!!!!
东升派出所2006-08-18进一步消息 :11:55左右,上次来做笔录的警察穿便服来我家补充做笔录,记录了关于事发当日执勤警察的事,虽然还是记得很“简单”,但是咱的气是消了一些了。恐惧也消了一些了。毕竟有人说过捏死咱们像捏死一只小鸡一样容易,而且咱已见识过了,咱还是挺怕的!!!另一名“随从”警察姓甚名谁咱没问。咱还有大半生的时光要过,而且还要有子子孙孙,不可能都因为害怕邪恶就全躲着过吧?况且“躲”是会助长邪恶的猖狂的,咱连在家里都“躲”不出一个平安来,还能再“躲”吗?恶狗咬人,恶霸打人,物业护着,警察“不作为”或解释不清楚什么的,不等于说都不用负责任吧?如果只是一条狗咬人,一个人打人,那是小事;而对这小事却有一大邦子人护着那就真的是可怕的大事了!

China 说:电脑都没有问题 拍什么 你不是没事找事吧 人家今天都说了 要搞你很容易 我们还想不想在深圳做# firstsing anndy ipod , pc , projectors , game accessories 说:婊子就是该死!China 说:你在网上发布的那些已经被公安部登记了 # firstsing anndy ipod , pc , projectors , game accessories 说:像你这样的婊子早就该死了!# firstsing anndy ipod , pc , projectors , game accessories 说:哪有婊子活到今天的???China 说:他们已经在今天警告我们了# firstsing anndy ipod , pc , projectors , game accessories 说:你早点死# firstsing anndy ipod , pc , projectors , game accessories 说:免得被婊子警告!
原子弹啊,炸死所有的婊子吧。 (证据都齐了,你在这儿下载吧,备份在你那儿,以防万一) 说:电脑他们现在要我们找法院要证明 证明电脑没有被按赃物查扣 Anndy - game hardware , ipod , pc accessories , projectors 说:那儿有的是收据!上面写的清清楚楚,东西是谁拿的就谁还给我们,还找个屁! 说:何文峰 庄雄峻 甘铁道 李凯男 还有那个姓佟的 还有北京华清物业、东升派出所相关的所有的婊子 说:今天我那QQ登陆了 说:我的QQ以前显示总不在线 密码丢失 我手提电脑上QQ设计的是QQ自动登陆的 证明电脑他们正在使用 说:今天我那QQ登陆了 说 (18:00):我们查到272430006已登陆 Anndy - game hardware , ipod , pc accessories , projectors 说:那些婊子早就把我们公司的电脑据为己有,根本没打算还给我们! 说:反正前天我还找寻过QQ还显示不在线 Anndy - game hardware , ipod , pc accessories , projectors 说:这件事没这么容易完的,必须斗死那些婊子,否则我们没法安身。 Anndy - game hardware , ipod , pc accessories , projectors 说:智利客户那70万的订单也不可能就这样算了。所以我们必须一起讨回公道。
--- 022708


我把这些诉状发 email 给了所有的媒体和政府部门,但无法传真给中国相应的国家机关了。
I've loaded 拘留证和牢饭钱的收据 into our website now . We need all the world to watch us tightly to insure our safety .
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惨案英文版 English version ;
北京狗咬人系列恐怖事件The terribile things since a dog bitten my mother in our living zone in Beijing
13033372145 (这个是云南昆明的号)00019688621100131206570001931201000190886212008213120657从7月11日早上9:19 到9:23 短短四分钟时间,同一个恶霸用以上6个号给我打来恐吓电话!大丈夫行不更名坐不改姓,亏心事做多了的才要不停地改变号码来打电话吧?为什么他们做了这么多伤天害理的事从不想收手?为什么中国政府52天以来都没有制止这么大规模的惨案???
终于把诉状传真给了海淀区人民法院86 010 62697014 。但是深圳市中级人民法院拒绝了,我打86 755 8353 5000 他们让我找8353 5840 ,但这个号打了一个小时也没人接;于是我又打8353 5000,他们一接到我的电话就挂了。
7月9日16:49 又接到一个电话,从 135 8183 2208 打到我的 135 5226 5676 ,说他是一个陌生的读者,说他很“同情”我,说我“得罪”了太多人,说我应该想办法“少损失一点” !谁得罪了谁?谁应该损失?为什么他们从来不反省他们自己的罪恶?从来不打算收起他们罪恶的手?从来不曾意识到他们在侵犯我们的正义、平安和人权?
今天打北京市委电话63088548说要传真投诉信去,请给传真号;对方说:“我们不接受投诉!”打北京市第一人民法院电话68635255始终无人接听。打北京市第二人民法院电话87622297也是始终无人接听。打北京市高级人民法院电话85268124 , 85268511 , 说要传真诉讼书去,对方说:“我们这儿没有传真号!”打中华人民共和国最高人民法院电话85256114 , 85256131 始终“占线”。(我们母女现在天天被清华大学的华清物业派黑社会盯着,几乎不敢出门,我母亲出去买菜买米他们都做手脚。昨天我母亲去买米,说好了叫人家送来,但一出店门就看到本小区的狗腿子!后来等了大半天那卖米的也没给我们送,我母亲只好去另一家买并叫他当面送来。想必小区的狗腿子叫那卖米的给我们下毒,那卖米的不干,才不给我们送米了吧?晚上另一批狗腿子又“主动”来找我母亲“解释”此事——狗腿子也会不打自招呢!我母亲出去帮我打印诉讼书他们也派了两人盯着的。所以现在我要传诉讼书出去就没人接了!)清华大学的物业就这么威风?那他们为什么从来不做一丁点好事却可以干出所有的坏事???
010 8393 7655 (这个人的姐姐是在建设部搞房地产质量检查的!她作为我的“老朋友”竟打来这么恶毒的电话——显然是华清物业的上司华清投资买通她的!)这个号于今天早上9:09打电话给我手机 135 5226 5676 ,说“除非你死了以后还有人帮你告状!”我控诉了49天了,清华大学的华清物业把所有跟我们母女“认识”过的婊子都用上了,都来恐吓我们母女,说要我亲自拿钱去深圳把我3个兄弟买出来,说要杀我们全家,说要天天害我们!我上哪儿弄钱去买亲人出来?这么恶毒的人群要如何才能“满足”?如何才能放我们平安地生活?他们从来没有停止罪恶的行径啊!如此丧心病狂的犯罪团伙还能做“物业”吗?他们的罪恶行动在疯狂地增加,中国政府还不制止吗?就算把我们全家杀光了,喝了我们的血,瓜分了我们所有的“财产”,又能喂饱几个贪官污吏流氓恶霸?这样的中国还是人待的地方吗?7月7日
新的惨案又发生了,我嫂子今天早上告诉我,她7月5号在深圳宝安福永的街道是被摩托佬抢了,抢的时候有很多治安人员在后面追!摩托佬把我嫂子陈贵新拖了三四米远,全身是伤,若后面有车来还把她轧死了!包里有5300元钱,三个手机(她哥的,我弟媳妇的,她自己的),银行卡和身份证。7月6号福永派出所打电话叫我嫂子去领包,钱和手机都没了,只有银行卡和身份证。这算是在警告我们他们可以多么自由地杀人吧???中国亡国不远了吧???我3个兄弟被扔牢里48天了,清华大学的华清物业昨天又派了两个狗腿子业主来找我妈说话,一个说:“这事搞大了,他们有损失了,你们拿钱去把人买出来。”另一个说:“得罪了他们,他们以后天天害你们!” 今天又有人问:“深圳那么远,华清物业怎么知道你们公司的?” 华清物业有业主的名字,拿我的名字在网上一查就能查到我们公司了,我们公司几乎是全世界同行中第一有名的!华清物业用了十个月来策划这阴谋啊!所有业主都记得去年8月7日狗咬我妈之后华清物业的狗腿子就恐吓我,叫我小心我的公司,小心我的家人!这个我当时在业主论坛发过的!现在华清物业的狗腿子们又亲自证实了这惨案就是他们安排的!我出门买东西都有人跟踪,示威,而我不能拍照取证——因为做狗腿子或杀手的都是有“人权”的。只有既不愿当婊子又不愿为虎作伥的“人”才没有“人权”。他们把我们公司的人一夜之间全部绑架,把我们公司抢劫一空,把我的3个兄弟全关进牢里48天了不许见一面,以各种各样的方式诈取了90多万块钱了……我们没有钱再请任何人了……只问这世上还有没有公道,还有没有人出来主持公道,中国共产党还有没有人心。现在把拘留证、看守所收伙食费的收据附上,原来考虑到安全问题没放到网上,现在我们已没有安全了,我们需要全世界的眼睛来保证我们的安全。我的亲人全被恐吓得和我“断绝关系”了!后面被敲诈,被批捕等等证据再没人敢发给我了。但中国政府若有心给百姓公道,他们不费吹灰之力就可查得水落石出的。为什么48天只有更恐怖的进展?深圳市公安局又传出话来,可以“合法”地把我兄弟关在牢里5个月而不判决——我们就这样任人宰割么?我们的希望在哪里?安全在哪里?人权更在哪里?详情请看
详情摘要:在中国,清华大学的居民区,物业因为收不起物业费,可以弄条狗来把看起来最弱的人 咬一口,然后恐吓一顿;报警了,派出所又再把你恐吓一顿叫你闭嘴。发到全中国媒 体了,一看是关于政府的,全删。发到北京市市长信箱了,10个月换来100多个狗腿子 威胁。就是没有人正面地站出来处理这件事给老百姓一个公平。然后,我公司一夜之间连人带货带电脑被抢劫兼绑架,起初是派出所的几个小流氓干的;我告他们,他们就把我们的3个兄弟交到市公安局去了,补发了拘留证等,继而狠狠地威胁我们。我家里剩下的人已全被吓得惶惶不可终日——更难想象那被关在牢里的可 怜的三个兄弟!他们给我们安插罪名说我们涉嫌销售假冒产品,但这些产品在深圳生产销售已十多年,相关工厂400多家,都没有被抓去坐牢!中国政府十多年都没有杜绝相关的厂家,却等到今天来洗洗劫一个小小的贸易公司,这难道是无奈??我们只不过是小贸易商,仅仅养活自己家的失业人员!!!为了敲诈钱财下如此毒手?我全家性命不要了也要告死他们!SONY 在告 WWW.LIK-SANG.COM , 这个公司曾是我们这行业最有名的贸易公司,他们销售我们这行业所有的产品,包括我们网站 上的所有产品,但SONY 只告他们未经许可销售SONY的主机,还有他们的充电器品质不合格,并没有说他们销售的其他产品侵权,更没有把他们公司任何人抓去坐牢!更没有把他们公司的电脑全拿走——商业机秘不是这样让人肆意践踏的!人身自由也不是这样让人肆意践踏的!更何况他们最初抓了我们公司所有的人,把我们公司洗劫一空! 是香港的公司,他们的人员都在香港,香港的法律不是一夜之间把一个公司一夜之间连人带物洗劫一空!他们可以应诉于SONY,可以得到香港政府的保护而无任何伤害!中国大陆的法律呢?中国大陆的法律是用来谋财害命的?为什么我向全中国所有权威机构呼吁了47天还是没有任何政府部门站出来解救我们的3个兄弟?挽救我们的企业?7月5日我3个兄弟被扔牢里46天了,清华大学的华清物业又派了几十个狗腿子和恐怖分子来恐吓我们,说“人可以放,赔钱不可能。” “别逼急了,逼急了人放出来还要杀死!” 他们把我们公司的人一夜之间全部绑架,把我们公司抢劫一空,把我的3个兄弟全关进牢里46天了不许见一面,以各种各样的方式诈取了90多万块钱了……谁逼谁?有人性吗?7月3日在中国,街上讨饭的都可以被派出所抓去打一顿把钱没收了,然后放出来继续讨,讨到钱又被抓去打一顿,没收……我们要怎样退让才有生路???我们几十年心血爬出来的公司,就这样被害得一片狼籍;我们一个家族,几十口人,就这样被害得身心俱碎……
我的3个兄弟被深圳贪官污吏批捕了,说是批捕一个月,可他们至今在牢里待了44天了,这个帐谁来帮我们算?我们还有人权吗?贪官污吏勾结着流氓骗子们还在继续向我家的懦夫们要钱!已经要了50多万了,现在又要35万!!!中国的更高级政府部门一直都没有阻止他们。另,补充一个线索,6月13号左右有一个神秘男士打电话恐吓我,他先用的美国的号 1901212 ,然后又用香港的号 852 16160000 ,在半个小时内用两个国家的号打我的电话8601082423346 ,我一再追问他的身份,他谎称“我是做生意的……我……我是用电话卡打的……我在美国……”这个人八成就是幕后主谋吧!综合各种各样的狗腿子的说法,终于发现这惨案的幕后指使者正是11个月前纵狗咬我妈,打我妈,派100多个狗腿子来恐吓我们并扬言要向我的公司和亲人下手的——恶霸狗主干的!这个恶霸是谁的儿子?他能指使得动全中国的婊子官、民???北京海淀东升派出所有他的资料,他是刑事旧犯,他可以被保释出来并如此猖狂的害人且一呼百应?他是胡锦涛的儿子?他是温家宝的儿子?他的狗吓过我们小区的小孩,他打过我们小区的博士,他打过我们小区的七旬老太太,他的狗咬了我妈他还打了我妈……他的一切恶行都可以得到全中国婊子官的保护并调得动全中国的婊子百姓来帮他当狗腿子?北京海淀东升派出所曾对我说过的“处理到你满意为止”就是指终有一天把我弄到牢里去永世不得吭声???11个月前婊子狗腿子就来打探我的家族背景最后扬言要我小心家属小心公司——这事清枫华景园的所有业主都还记得吧?他们把我们深圳公司的全部员工关到深更半夜然后全部偷偷绑走,把货和电脑都抢走,把整个公司一夜之间连人带物一扫全空——这是中国的哪条法律???他们威逼我们公司所有的员工在他们设计好的罪状上签名画押并且把我公司仅有的3个男子汉——我的3个亲兄弟全关到牢里!他们做这一切的最终目的是想把我关到牢里去??为什么这个恶霸能把北京市长都给拖住——11个月了,狗咬人狗主打人的事都可以不处理;更恶劣的深更半夜大规模绑架也可以无人问罪于他?中央大官怎么生了这么个没教养没天良的儿子?他妈的怎么这么没出息?他妈的知道这是什么时代吗?6月30日晚11点左右这个恶霸的狗腿子又用852 16160000 这个号打电话给我,声称是我的“朋友”,叫我把网上的控诉删掉。他们还关着我的3个兄弟在牢里呢!我可以不控诉他们?!老天爷都不会饶了他们呢!(他说他是用SKYPYE电话打来的。)6月13号用美国号1901212和香港号852 16160000 打电话恐吓我不要告状的人却是那个恶霸本人——他的声音我还记得的!他当天说是用电话卡打的。又与上面不符了!谎言永远是谎言——谎言没有不露破绽的——科技这么发达的中国查不出来吗?我3个兄弟要在牢里受多久的冤狱之苦???所有受苦受难的同胞们,记住这些血债吧!总有一天要他们还的!!!中国还有无数像我们这样受共产党之害的老百姓,让我们学会反抗,学会保护自己吧!!!6月30日不是想抢咱的钱吗?老子就让他们看看咱的钱是怎么赚回来的!大家再帮我把英文的内容往美国的政治论坛上发!还有中外媒体和大使馆的邮箱我都放到我公司网上了,大家可以下载。 我还在呼唤中国政府拯救正义,拯救受害百姓,但是41天以来只有越来越坏的消息!!!6月27日我的3个兄弟今天被深圳检察院批捕了,他们至今在牢里待了38天了。深圳市公安局与深圳宝安上南派出所,深圳依法律师事务所狼狈为奸干出了这样惨无人道的事。而且中国的更高级政府部门一直都没有阻止他们。中国的贪官污吏如此猖狂都是中国的老百姓一贯的塞黑钱买官纵容出来的。我对中国绝望了,只好向全世界呼唤正义的救助6月25日我3个兄弟被非法地关到深圳市公安局的牢里36天了,中国还能够“邪不胜正”么?离37天只有一个工作日了,谁能制止这婊子的深圳市公安局作出恶毒的决定呢?一群婊子的共产党再加上一群婊子的老百姓才演出中国这样的悲剧。胡锦涛温家宝之治理婊子中国也如我之治理这个婊子家族吧?还好我们这婊子家族还有一个我是至死不当婊子的。中华民族的不愿当婊子的极少数好人又如何能拯救我那受苦受难的3个兄弟和任人宰割的婊子亲人呢?这样的婊子中国谁出手拯救?中国已经沦为全世界最兼价的劳动力市场了,中华民族已经沦为婊子民族了,骑在百姓头上作威作福的婊子官们,你们的报应会远吗???为什么这么长时间以来你们只想着给我们加罪名而不去想为你们的恶行赎罪?群众的眼睛是雪亮的,全世界的人都看着呢!你们以为你们可以掩耳盗铃一辈子?外敌入侵,百姓倒戈,需要找借口吗?6月21日补充一个重要线索:在事发的前一个工作日,5月19日,周六,我弟在办公室被供应商打,因为产品品质不好要扣钱,供应商不同意就打他;我弟报警了,深圳宝安上南派出所的人来了,看到我公司放着一屋子货,起了坏心。周日休息,公司锁着门,周一他们就来了!发给了中国的这么多权威机构,竞没有一个站出来救我们?我3个兄弟被非法地关到深圳市公安局的牢里32天了,中国还能够“邪不胜正”么?在这37天之内会演出多少贪官污吏和恶人恶狗?37天之后呢?中国的明天呢?!(有人说就要放出来了,可我们至今没看到事实; 事实是那些豺狼早已习惯了这样的谋财害命。)那三个律师并没有把那RMB20万退给我家,我的亲人心都死了.昨晚得知公司的保险柜已被那律师重新找我弟骗了密码来开了!拿了公司所有的证件,要干多少杀人放火的事?关于这三个律师的事我也报案10多天了,为什么他们的恶行有增无减而没有“法律”抓他们坐牢去?谁在纵容他们?谁在跟他们同流合污?百姓是这么好宰割的羔羊么???
他们是蠢,但那些流氓是聪明的,他们知道只要抓着我们的人在他们手上,再狠狠地加罪名给我们,狠狠地恐吓我们的亲属,就可以让我们的亲属把一切都给他们而不敢要任何凭证!而且永远不敢告他们!他们知道我在北京没有证据就告不倒他们!中国真的就这样黑完了吗?群众的眼睛是雪亮的,事实永远是事实,“死无对证”都可以查明真相呢!有深圳市公安局和深圳宝安上南派出所、依法律师事务所三方面一勾结,他们的阴谋就可以一直进行下去吗?中国共产党连个“极少数好人”都没有么?为什么没有人阻止这么大规模的谋财害命的惨案?就让我的兄弟们在牢里关死去???就等到37天一过就判我兄弟们把牢底坐穿???我们公司在香港也注册了的,他们可以这样地把一个香港公司的老板扔在牢里关死吗?这样的恶棍谁能原谅???共产党抓人关人宰人都说得轻松,他们想过他们带给咱老百姓的苦难有多么深重吗?6月16日这是“极少数人”能造成的吗?我哥哥10岁出校门,13岁出门打工,我弟弟16岁开始做苦力,在建筑工地上抬水泥板子,鞋底被钉子钉穿了,血浸透了鞋底,浸湿了地面,都不敢停下来!我从小努力勤工俭学,熬到大学毕业就差没饿死病死!我们把堂弟当亲兄弟看待!我们奔到今天是用多少血泪换来的?我们这些孩子是该被安上罪名扔进牢里的吗???他妈的共产党除了巧取豪夺还干了什么?这是我们一家的事吗?个人的事吗?我们生长过的农村变荒芜了,我们“务工”的城市变残酷了。深圳的工人只有300元/月的基本工资,公司没有订单做的日子工人连300元/月都保证不了,而只有4元/天的伙食补助——一天4元钱能吃到什么?他们“运气好”的时候能赶上公司有加班,一天干12个小时到月底能收入500-700元钱——他们吃什么?他们这份工作丢了再找下一份的期间又吃什么?他们有选择的余地吗?他们病了怎么办?为什么中国是全世界最兼价的劳动力市场?这些孩子长大了,老了,无钱赡养父母,无钱结婚生子,没有机会改变明天……他们一旦生病就只有死路一条!共产党他妈的看见了吗?中国的老百姓醒悟了吗?还砸锅卖铁求爷爷告奶奶奉养贪官污吏?外国到中国来赚钱来了,外国的福利待遇怎么没到中国来?外国的自由平等怎么没到中国来?香港的政策那么好,共产党他妈的怎么不学学?凭什么咱大陆的就要另一个“治”法?是因为大陆的人被欺负惯了吧?大陆的人也真够贱的,宁可砸锅卖铁奉养贪官污吏都不敢反击他们!共产党他妈的一个“调查”就可以把咱3个兄弟关进牢里不许咱探视一下安慰一下?这么长时间我四处申告却没见那些流氓恶棍有任何收敛?6月15日我3个兄弟还在牢里,26天了!(有人说就要放出来了,可我们至今没看到事实。)那三个律师并没有把那RMB20万退给我家,我的亲人现在砸锅卖铁到处找“关系”救这三个兄弟.共产党知道只要我们的人在他们的牢里,我家亲属就不敢告他们,所以他们一直关着我的3个兄弟不放 !可是他们忘了,一旦我家亲属发现砸锅卖铁都救不出亲人的话,他们也会拿菜刀去杀共产党的!!!我们的钱少,喂不饱几个贪官污吏;我们一介草民,几条小命,被共产党的狗咬都不可吭声的——什么大官的儿子可以把北京市长都钳住?什么贪官污吏可以把全中国的官都买通?这是“极少数人”能造成的吗?他们自己怎么不让狗咬一口?他们自己怎么不去牢里待着?他们自己的家产怎么不让咱老百姓抢了???所有受苦受难的同胞们,记住这些血债吧!总有一天要他们还的!!!我哥哥嫂子都是小学生,他们还有两个11岁的上小学的孩子,他们要在这恶毒的社会里生存,容易吗?我哥才33岁,他自己还像个孩子。我弟弟结婚才五个月,老婆刚怀上孩子在吃保胎药,我弟弟忠厚老实,当了老板都还被人打!他们如何在这恶毒的社会生存?我堂弟大学毕业才一年,他倒是从小没吃过任何苦,现在却陪我两个兄弟坐牢去了!他爹妈就生了这么一个宝贝儿子,我们是把他当亲兄弟看待的!这恶毒的中国还是人生存的地方吗?我辛辛苦苦创业,想给他们一个安生立命的机会,我容易吗?我奔到31岁没有一秒钟可以用来为自己考虑呢,却又遭这么大的难!!!我还可以不“激动”吗???共产党他妈的抢人家的砸人家的把人家扔进牢里不许亲人探视逼着人家亲人砸锅卖铁去买命!!!这就是我们的“新中国”???6月14日我3个兄弟还在牢里,25天了!那三个律师并没有把那RMB20万退给我家,我的亲人现在砸锅卖铁到处找“关系”救这三个兄弟——这些“关系”能是什么好东西吗?是个好人他会使出这么阴毒的招式来榨人家钱么?!利用“极少数”坏人谋财害命杀人放火,“绝大多数,好人”假装不知道,事后坐收渔人之利——把老百姓扔进牢里然后让他们的亲人砸锅卖铁去救——这么阴毒的事只有共产党才做得出来吧???25天了,他们还在继续着什么样的阴谋???希特勤那么狠毒,不是也被打死了吗?不给咱老百姓活路,咱还能逃避么?砸锅卖铁喂豺狼有什么屁用???6月12日我3个兄弟还在牢里,23天了!那三个律师并没有把那RMB20万退给我家,共产党和他们的律师都是可以随意向老百姓撒谎和设阴谋的!他们从来就没向老百姓负过任何责任!他们是用巧取豪夺谋财害命来统治中国的!这下一步会发生什么事?为什么共产党的“极少数”鱼肉乡里如此之易,把老百姓扔进牢里如此之易?而“绝大多数”却这么长时间救不出被关在他们所设的牢房中的人?难道他们还在想着阴谋给我们栽罪名???这么长时间以来我全家族几十口人吓得魂不守舍,那三个被关在牢里的可怜的兄弟更是不能够与亲人有任何联系!!!这就是我们的“和谐社会”???如果外敌入侵的话,谁还会保护这样的“党” ???为什么共产党不走正道呢???对老百姓的欺骗、封锁和阴谋、压迫能让中国长治久安吗???6月11日我3个兄弟还在牢里,22天了!刚刚得知,那三个律师今天可能把那RMB20万退给我家,我家里人都吓得不敢把这钱收回来,还求他们放人!这下一步会发生什么事?为什么共产党的“极少数”鱼肉乡里如此之易,把老百姓扔进牢里如此之易?而“绝大多数”却这么长时间救不出被关在他们所设的牢房中的人?难道他们还在想着阴谋给我们栽罪名???这么长时间以来我全家族几十口人吓得魂不守舍,那三个被关在牢里的可怜的兄弟更是不能够与亲人有任何联系!!!这就是我们的“和谐社会”???6月10日我们没杀人没放火却被关到牢里,共产党杀人放火谋财害命却是合法的???全深圳500多家工厂生产这些产品都是合法的,生产了十多年都是合法的,我们一个小贸易商却是该全家坐牢的???我们一夜之间就成了“侵权”的人?这一切难道不是共产党设给老百姓的陷阱???我们即使侵权也是侵的日本SONY的权,日本都不告我们,你们倒是可以一夜之间让我们死光???你们是什么东西???SONY告我们同行的一个香港贸易公司告了7个多月也没告出什么屁来呢!中国连“人权”都没有还扯什么狗屁“版权”???而且是日本人的版权???我们侵了SONY的版权我们可以和SONY打官司,我们上有供应商顶着,下有外国客户顶着,不需要被中国政府的狗咬!我们公司在深圳和香港都注册了,你们至于要一夜之间把我们连人带货带电脑全抢走吗???电脑里面全是我们流血流汗积累下来的商业财富!人身安全更是神圣不可侵犯!共产党在干什么???
我们有一万多个国际批发商客户,我们的钱是凭无数倍于别人的劳动赚来的,我们的工作是得到全世界认可的,共产党的贪官污吏除了巧取豪夺杀人放火还学会了什么?还做了什么?我们省吃俭用,流血流汗地创业,我们连治病的钱都省下了!我们一家在深圳都因为过敏而流鼻涕,一年流7个月,人都没气了还要坚持一周工作六天,我们一年放假不到十天!我们在农村受压迫就拼命奔到城市,我们奔了这么多年气都没时间出一口,我哥哥刚买了房子还没装修,我弟弟结婚才五个月,我弟媳妇刚怀在孩子在吃保胎药,我堂弟大学毕业才一年,我31岁了还没时间去谈朋友……什么狗屁“三险一金”我们更是一无所有!我们好不容易买了房子以为可以安居乐业!共产党给过咱老百姓一天安心日子过吗???你们当百姓开的公司是你们贪官污吏的菜园子?你们想取就取想夺就夺想杀就杀???这样的中国一旦外敌入侵那结局将会和商朝末年一样吧???你们当官的把咱老百姓当人看过吗???你们站在国旗面前不感到会有报应吗???你们很会玩手婉的???可是全世界的人都是需要正义并会为之奋斗的!!!外国一旦知道中国政府腐败到无可救药的程度定会放心大胆地入侵的!!!(老百姓学会了自我保护,贪官污吏就不敢鱼肉乡里。我兄弟们和其他家庭成员是因为没学会自我保护才受到这么大的伤害的。所以请大家一起努力为全中国老百姓赢得对抗贪官污吏的信心。)31日7:56我的3个兄弟还没放出来,他们又恐吓着要抓回原来释放的那些人,特别是我嫂子陈贵新——因为是她把拘留证和牢饭钱的证据发给了我。我的亲人不知什么时候花了20万请了三个律师,他们不敢把律师的任何信息告诉我!因为深圳警方和律师都这么恐吓她们,不许她们给我透露任何消息!我不敢去深圳——他们既然敢抓我3个兄弟又何尝不敢抓我?若把我也关进牢里去了,谁来救这些人?我们真的“犯法”了吗?深圳有500多家工厂生产这些产品,生产了十多年,他们全都安然无恙!我们只不过是中间的一个小贸易商,养活几个失业的人,500多家生产商不犯法,10000多家外国批发商不犯法,我们何以“犯法”了? 从这个网上大家可以看到,SONY 在告香港的LIK-SANG —— 这是我们同行最有名的贸易商,他们未经许可地销售SONY , MICROSOFT 等的主机,SONY 也只告他们销售主机和品质不合格的充电器,却没有提到他们销售记忆卡的事,没有提到他们销售布包的事——为什么“市经侦支队”和“市质检局”可以以我们的记忆卡和包为借口下这么毒的手?这难道不是有人故意陷害?我们公司的人全是些涉世未深的受苦受难长大的孩子,我们活在这世上至今不曾找到安全感,我们辛辛苦苦小心翼翼地工作,几时受过这么大的惊吓?几个可怜的孩子如何承受和应对这样的场面和无尽的伤害???狗咬人的一系列恐怖和恐吓一直在我心中!我们的生活从未平安过!我们从小付出无数倍于他人的努力去学知识才创出今天的“业”;那些阴谋家和绑匪劫匪付出了什么学会了什么?如果当时我在深圳的办公室,我一定也被绑进牢里了,还有谁救我们?中国的法律在哪儿?谁治这些绑匪和阴谋家的罪?谁救无辜的百姓?30日 , 收到了智利客户转来的信,智利客户的上海货运代理叫他给我汇RMB20万过来把人和货买出来!可是客人不是傻瓜啊,人家70万的货一个也没发又要他白出20万,他不怕打水漂吗?该货代谎称我们公司老板已逃跑!如果老板都逃跑了,客户还敢继续扔钱来吗?——这么弱智的谎言骗得到谁?货代何以会说这样的话?谁教的?
29日 ,智利客人的上海货运代理打电话给我,“询问情况”,并说:“看那图片上你们公司的电脑不是还在吗?”我说:“那是只有显示器没有主机了!”28日7:56我所有的亲人在白色恐怖中慌成一团。我除了坚强地呼救之外什么也不能想。27日14:55 我的亲人都在四处找人,塞钱,想把3个受害的亲人买回来。您能体会这样的恐惧这样的束手无策这样的心碎吗?他们下这么毒的手,多少钱可以买得回???多少钱可以满足这样的“兽心”???26日14:44 陈贵新在完全无助的情况下把拘留证和牢房伙食费的图片发给我了。这一切都叫人心滴血!
25日11:08 陈贵新从MSN上告诉我,“雷警官”告诉他们,我的3个兄弟可能被关一个月,具体的得“看表现”,我问她用哪个电话打来的,她说是她自己打过去问的,打的这个号0755-84468574 , 她说:“开始说关三天的,现在又说关一个月!”“你小心点,他们说要抓你!”(北京的警车已于22日中午到我家窗口来了,开着油门嗡嗡响地在我窗前停了半小时,四个“警察”向我家里张望 ! 感谢他们手下留情没有抓我! )24日21:59 90多个小时以来我一直在呼救,深圳方面已经串通一致了,就是要给我的3个兄弟安罪名,并极力掩盖他们自己的绑架,抢劫,敲诈罪行!23日18:53 再次拨打0755110,发现我的手机号和座机号打过去都会是"忙",再也无人接听!再次拨打0755 27299550 深圳宝安上南派出所改口说这事是市公安局经侦支队干的,与他们无关,他们不知道!( 但据我嫂子回来后汇报,当晚来的是”宝安质量监督分局”的车!)再次拨打0755 8446 5200 市公安局经贞支队说他们下班了,不知道!再次拨打0755 8446 2600 市公安局预审监管支队电话,他们说我是不明身份的人,不能告知!(我嫂子和婶婶去过他们的看守所送过衣裳交过600元"伙食费"的。但没让见人,他们还有否认一切的机会。)现我家三兄弟被当"犯人"关进看守所了是要屈打成招,安插罪名以洗脱他们的非法绑架之罪吧?我家兄弟三人出来我是要验伤告状的!中国这么黑我们还能活吗??? 我们活生生的人在堂堂深圳就这样消失50多小时并要屈打成招安插罪名?他们可能会杀了我三个兄弟的!我那仍然被绑的三个兄弟的名字分别是:汪巨轮,汪大轮,汪兆山。请大家快帮忙救他们的命和我们全家族的命!!!中国所有该负责的部门一直到现在都没有给出善意的处理!!!
23日14:49 :最新消息,发现我公司3名人质已分别被关到深圳市公安局预审监管支队第三看守所301,201,101房!说明上南派出所的流氓已跟市公安局串通好了要致我们于死地!!!我们的父母在坐火车往深圳赶。我嫂子去那个看守所给3个兄弟送衣服,他们要我嫂子给他们交伙食费,我嫂子交了600块钱。但他们不许她见他们!到现在为止我们公司已被迫信业3天了,因为我们的人和电脑(当然包括里面的资料)全被绑走了!我们老板没有回来事业也无法继续!那货价值USD40,060目( 售价 ) ( 成本价 RMB20,6000 ), 昨天就该发了,这造成违约谁负责?"政府"这样做事中国人怎么活?
23日13:53 如果这件事没有下文了,那就是连我也被绑架了!!!在清华的论坛 上的”童话与梦”版有很多出自” foreveranndy ”的留言, 大家可以看出我是一个与世无争的”孩子”.我还在不停地报警和质问宝安上南派出所,深圳市质检局,深圳市公安局经侦支队,他们各自支支吾吾,全说不知道.
2007年5月23日 7:38
(2007年5月22日20:41 补充记录)自事发时间2007年5月21日15:00左右至现在,我们公司的员工被困被抓29小时41分,还有三个领导没放出来!(他们于22日下午,补充,开出了拘留我汪大轮、汪巨轮、汪兆山的“拘留证”,这已是第二天下午了,而且三张拘留证通知方全写的“陈贵新”的名字 ! 汪巨轮有自己的妻子,汪兆山有自己的父母——谁把他们当“人”看?哪一处都看得出人权被肆意践踏!)这将近30小时期间深圳市一共有如下7个电话打给我,各尽恐吓而内容自相矛盾!27912186823444502718002829889139272995508113873988888003事发时间2007年5月21日15:00左右我在MSN上看到公司员工告诉我,来了一帮政府官员在查我们,具体是什么部门的他们不知道,也未被告知。几分钟之后又告知他们在跟我们公司老板谈。再过几分钟又告知他们被命令不许接电话不许打电话。再过半个小时左右又告知他们被隔离了。只知道他们是官员,不知道具体是什么人。大约从16;00开始他们无法再跟我发MSN消息。最后一条消息告知"官员"在查我们公司的电脑。 因为无法联系,我束手无策。一直等。到晚上8点左右他们还是被困着,不许通消息也不许下楼吃饭。这种作法不是政府官员办事的程序。政府官员查厂应出示证件,说明是哪个部门来的,查什么的,而且不能无故隔离公司所有员工且不通知他们的家属的。所以我怀疑是绑匪冒充政府官员。我打深圳110报了警。110说马上派宝安上南派出所的民警到现场。大约20:30我又打电话问上南派出所的,他们说是深圳市质量检查局的和经侦支队的人在查我们公司。我说,那也不能把我们公司员工隔离到这么晚了还不让下班不让吃饭吧?上南派出所答应再派两个人去看看。后来得知晚21:00多的时候有两个民警给我们的员工提了饭来。但事情自始至终都没有通知我们公司任何员工的家属,也没有"官员"通知我。我只能反复地打110,打上南派出所电话27299550 。 而他们除了说"调查"之外全无任何别的答复。我说那些人办事根本不合政府官员办事的规矩,110和上南派出所都说调查。但没有后话。直到凌晨1:00我还在打电话,还是没有消息。我的弟媳妇因为怀孕了待在家,我让她和我婶子打的去公司门外悄悄看事由。她大概晚22:00左右到公司门外的,她说车上写有"质量检查局宝安分局"的字样。但是公司的人一直被隔离,不能靠近,也不能联系。她说派出所来了两个人,又走了。凌晨1:00多那些"官员"把我们公司的人全带走了,货也拉走了一大半,电脑的主机也全拉走了,说是要检查。但是他们凌晨1:00多把我们公司年龄最小的小男孩给放了。( 这个男孩19岁,是我嫂子的侄子,他说开始只来了5个人,到晚上零点左右来了很多,搬货搬电脑抓人。)我们彻夜难眠,彻夜打110和上南派出所电话强调这不是正常的"政府行为"。110叫我直接找上南派出所。他们说这事归上南派出所管。今天一早我又打上南派出所电话,告诉他们我们公司的人全被神秘地带走了,我说是绑架。他们支支吾吾半天说找不到绑匪。我说这是不合法的。你们得负责救人。相应的情况我也打了110很多次,110还是说让上南派出所调查。我又打了宝安质量检查局的电话,问是不是他们抓了我们公司的人,他们说不可能——质检局根本没有抓人。我又打市公安局电话,他们也说没有抓人。我再打宝安上南派出所电话强调这是非法绑架,叫他们快救人。下午4点左右我们公司的五名员工被放出来了。但是抓他们的人恐吓他们说:"你们出去不许乱说话,否则再抓你们坐三年牢。"他们说被抓期间都被逼供画押承认我们是做了侵权产品——我们公司是贸易商,根本不生产任何产品——产品是从哪儿进的也都于昨天下午4点左右供认不诲!!!他们没有派任何人去抓供应商,供应商至今还在安然无恙地给我弟媳妇打电话。而我们公司所有员工都被折腾至凌晨且神秘地分散关押——5位员工24小时完全失综,3位员工至今是第31小时完全失综!!!我打电话告诉上南派出所这五名员工已回来,并提供了其他3人被关线索,可他们说"绑匪这么多,我们需要时间找。"现在是22号晚22点了!试想昨夜上南派出所已与那些绑匪见过面的,他们怎么会至今找不到线索???我反复质问上南派出所,所以有上面7个电话号打过电话来,各说不一,有说管不着的,有说不该他们负责的,有说绑匪太多找不到的……就是没有说他们应该负责的!就是没有说他们昨夜见过绑匪本该已审问清楚的!!!怎么会明目张胆地让绑匪绑了我们一个公司9名员工(其中有一名是凌晨一点放出的)24-32小时及到明天不知什么时候,后天不知什么时候……???无止境关押着我们公司三个领导和货物、电脑……结果是上南派出所查不出来了???结果是"绑匪那么多不知什么时候能找回人质"了???这事情到底什么来头大家心里都明白了吧???中国就黑到这种程度了???咱老百姓小命随时可以消失???
深圳宝安上南派出所,市公安局,市质检,宝安质检,全打过电话,他们都不知道这件事;我才明白就是几个流氓冒充政府官员干的。现在放回来了五个人。还有三个领导和货物不知去向!!!大家帮我打0755 27299550催他们快找!!!谢谢!!!
昨晚(5月21日,绑匪于下午2:00左右就来了)我们深圳的公司被抢劫兼绑架了,折腾到晚上一点多,把我哥哥弟弟堂弟全带走不知去向!嫂子等五人被"隔离"在深圳这边。但是联系方式全被切断!公司的电脑也全被带走了。货也全都被带走了。这些货是客户的钱买的,明天就该发的。恐怖事件终于发生了。和当年我母亲被狗咬被打之后我的投诉引来的恶霸组织之狗腿子所威胁的那样——发生了。我不想知道这潭水有多深,我只是凭自己的努力本份地工作并为人间应有的正义事业也做些本能的维护。 现在我们整个家族都陷入困境了,请大家帮忙打深圳0755110声援,请求放人并放货。我们公司的网址 这些产品是全中国都在做的。我们公司没有做生产,全是从别的厂买的!为什么把我们全家族的人都抓起来了?而且不给家属任何消息???而且所有别的厂都平安无事!现在我们的父母都在哭!!!放回来的五个人一句话也不敢说!!!因为绑架他们的人说如果乱说话就会把他们再抓回去!!!我不在公司,才没被抓去!!! 他们没按时吃饭,没洗澡,受惊吓!!!请大家快帮忙呼救!!!0755110困住了绑架了28个小时没任何消息这是"政府行为" ????把我们公司的人吓成了神经病怎么交待!!!!这些人难道不是流氓冒充的敲榨钱财的???

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