Sunday, July 27, 2008 PS3 accessories quick launch list : PS3 accessories quick launch list :
PS3 controllers,PS3/PS2 2 in 1 Wired Game Guitar , PS3 Wireless Guitar Controller , PS3 Wireless Karaoke Microphone , PS3 Wired Karaoke Microphone , FS18070 PS3 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard With Built-in Trackable Mouse, FS18069 PS3 Guitar Hero Game Controller, FS18068 PS3 Guitar Controller, FS18067 PS3 Wired Game Guitar, FS18066 2.4GHz Wireless Steering Wheel For PS3, FS18065 PS3 Wired Steering Wheel, FS18064 PS3 Wired Steering Wheel, FS18063 2.4GHz Wireless Inductive Game Pad For PS3, FS18062 PS3 Joypad, FS18061 PS3/PS2/USB 3 in 1 Joystick, FS18060 PS3 Big Steering Wheel, FS18059 PS3 Steering Wheel, FS18058 PS3 Controller 4 Ways Charging Station, FS18057 PS3/USB/PS2 3 IN 1 Joypad, FS18055 PS3 Flexible Controller, FS18054 PS3 6 Axes Controller, FS18053 3 Axes Controller, FS18052 Horn Controller, FS18051 6 Axis Sensor 4 LED Indicators Plug and Play PS3 Game Pad, FS18046 PS3 Wireless Controller, FS18043 PS3 Paladin Wired Game Controller, FS18038 PS3 7 TFT Color Monitor, FS18035 PlayStation 3 PS3 Blu-Ray DVD Remote, FS18023 Playstation 3 Controller Battery, FS10008 PS3 Game Pad / PC USB Dual Shock Pad, FS18015 PS3/PS2/XBOX/PC 4in1 Recoil Lightgun,PS3 cables and adapters,FS18056 PS2-PS3 Memory Card Converter, FS18049 PS3 HDMI High Definition Digital Audio and Visual Cable, FS18048 HDMI System Selector with Remote Control, FS18047 Playstation 3 PS3 Step Down AC Adaptor, FS18036 PS3 Triple Power Cooling System, FS18045 PLAYSTATION 3 PSX3 Memory Card Adapter, FS18044 PS3 Controller Charge Station (Cradle), FS18042 PS2 To PS3 Controller Converter ( 4 LED Indicators), FS18040 PS3 Cooling Fan & Vertical Stand 2in1, FS18039 PS3 Vertical Guard Stand, FS19048 PS2/PS3 / Wii / XBOX 360 4in1 Component Cable 1.8M, FS18021 PS3 Cooling Fan, FS18020 PS3 Charge Cable, FS18013 PS3 500VA AC Automatic voltage Regulator, FS18010 Mini Cooling Fan for PS3, PS3008 PS3 RGB+AV BOX Cable, PS3007 PS3 RGB Cable, PS3006 PS3 Component HD AV Cable, PS3005 PS3 S-Video AV Cable, PC004 Super Box 4, PS3004 PS3 AV Cable, PS3003 HDMI to DVI 24 Pins Dual Link Cable 2M, PS3002 HDMI to DVI 18 Pins Single Link Cable 2M, PS3001 HDMI to HDMI Cable 2m,PS3 cases and protectors,FS18050 PS3 Skin Alme, FS18034 PS3 Pearl-gorgeous Skin, FS18033 PS3 Sea-gorgeous Skin, FS18032 PS3 Moon-gorgeous Skin, FS18031 PS3 Dusky-gorgeous Skin, FS18030 PS3 Orange-gorgeous Skin, FS18029 PS3 Apple-gorgeous Skin, FS18028 PS3 Lemon-gorgeous Skin, FS18027 PS3 Cauliflower-gorgeous Skin, FS18025 PS3 Controller Analog Stick Silicon Cap, FS18022 PS3 Faceplate, FS18019 Console Organizer and Travel Case PS3, FS18018 PS3 Carry Case, FS18011 PS3 Console Professional Protector, FS18009 Silicon Protect Skin for PS3 Controller,ps3 other accessories,FS18041 PS3 Vertical Stand ( Holding 15 Games ), FS18037 PS3 Super Value Kit 6in1, FS18017 PS3 Dust Prevent Cover With Rubber Plug 2in1, FS18016 PS3 Vertical Stand with Rubber Plug 2in1, FS18012 PS3 2in1 Disc Case stand, and more coming.

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