Sunday, July 27, 2008 Xbox accessories quick launch list : Xbox accessories quick launch list :
xbox controllers,XB001 XB/GC/PS2 3in1 JoyPad, XB003 XBOX RF 2.4G wireless Controller, XB034 XBOX 2.4G Wireless Joypad, XB006 XBOX Remote Controller, XB026 XBox Fishing Rod, XB002 3in1 DanceMat without memory port, XB029 Deluxe Dancing Mat, XB032 XBox Recoil Gun 100Hz support TV, XB030 XBox MII Gun 100Mhz,xbox cables and adapters,PSX2053 AC Adapter Power Max For XBOX / PS2 / DreamCast, XB012 Optical Audio Cable Xbox, XB013 Xbox / Playstation Ac Power Cord, XB005 PS2 TO XBOX Converter with two memory card slot, XB017 XBOX S-AV Cable, XB018 Component Video + Optical Cable for Xbox, XB022 Component Video Cable for Xbox, XB023 XBOX NET Connect Cable, XB021 USB to XBOX Cable, XB020 Controller Extension Cable Xbox, XB024 Xbox Standard AV Cable,xbox memory cards,XB010 XBOX 8M MEMORY CARD, XB007 XBOX 32M MEMORY CARD, XB009 XBOX 16M MEMORY CARD,XB035 Xbox Power Board v1.0-1.6, XB027 Unique Cooling XBOX Bag, GC033 Memory Card 128M For GAME CUBE, GC032 Memory Card 64M For GAME CUBE, GC031 Memory Card 32M For GAME CUBE, GC030 Memory Card 16M For GAME CUBE, GC029 Memory Card 8M For GAME CUBE, GC028 Memory Card 4M For GAME CUBE, PSX026 Dual Shock Controller, PSX024 JoyPad, PSX021 8 Mega Memory Card, PSX020 1 Mega Memory Card, DC001 Joypad Extension Cable , FS12001 8Bit TV Streering Wheel, and more coming.

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