Sunday, July 27, 2008 modchip quick launch list : modchip quick launch list :
XB-3603 Mini Chip for Xbox 360, XB-3604 Xkey360 Chip for Xbox 360, XB002 Aladdin xt 4032, XB003 Aladdin xt 4064 for xbox v1.0-v1.6b, XB011 XBOX 1.1-1.6 AC Power Supply, XB005 Super Aladdin Live, XB007 XBOX Duo X3 XB008 Xenium Ice clone, XB009 XBOX v1.6 rebuild pcb board, PS3001 ps3 lens, PS2045 M7 GP 788XL mars chip, PS2046 modbo760 for ps2, PS2047 ps2 magic switch pro v4, PS2048 ps2 memor32, PS2044 DUO 3 Ultra chip, PS2017 PS2 KSM 400C, PS2018 HD7 len, PS2003 Magic Switch, PS2004 Duo 3 ultra, PS2002 PS2 Slimtool, PS2034 HDAdvance 3.0, PS2025 DuoX 2 Lite Chip, PS2026 Duo Q, PS2005 DuoX 2 GS Chip, PS2040 Flip Top Cover (for SCPH-7000X), PS2039 Flip Top Cover, PS006 DuoX 2 GS Cromwell/FlashBios Edition, PS2032 Swap Magic CODER, PS2037 Breaker Pro, PS2036 HD Loader, PS2042 UNIVERSAL CHIP, PS2001 PS2 Swap Magic disc 3.6 Plus version, PS2019 DUO 2, PS2035 USB EXtreme, PS2033 HD Xtreme, PS2029 SLIM TOOLS MAGIC KEYS 2 FOR SLIDE CARD & PSTWO, PS2043 Mars Pro Gm - 816HD, PS2016 PS2 KSM 400B PS2020 PVR802w, PS2041 Slide Tool ( Slide Card ), PSP113 KHM-420 AAA Laser Lens, PSP002 PSP LCD Screen, PSP103 Soft Rubber Joystick, PSP110 PSP Power Switch, PSP112 PSP 3D, PSP114 PSP Screwdriver, PS1001 12C508/P 04 SAW, PS1002 12C508/A Blank Chip, PS1003 12C607/P 04R SAW 0213, PS1004 KSM440ACM, PS1005 KSM440ADM, PS1006 KSM440 BAM, Wii001 D2Ckey Chip, Wii002 D2C Pro with free easy board for Wii D2C version, wii006 d2pro chip with a flat cable, Wii007 argon chip for wii, Wii008 wii clip chip, Wii009 programmer for argon, GC001 QOOB-SX, GC002 Xeno GC Chip, Wii004 flex pcb for d2cKey chip, Wii003 Wii Key Mod Chip,

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