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the Firstsing Company Limited current status and asking for help

Fight against the bitches 2007
Hope you can love the Chinese " people " as you love your own people . Justice is no " country " limit .
fight against the bitches Data download,with JPG picture files of the bitch case,dog-bitten,bitch abduction,rob,etc., pictures are mostly in Chinese letters , not translate , hate it too much to translate such a bitch thing; also with DOC files of MicroSoft Word, which was written by me before abducted by the bitches and after my 3 brothers been abducted into their bitch prison; you can also find some HTML files which had been created by me to ask for help since May 21st., 2007. Totally 4 persons of a family having been put into prison by their bitch liers and no justice earned till now !
Our hearts are cold because no justice , no love , no trust, no safety here .
We HAVEN'T ORDERED anything tortious and HAVEN'T SENT OUT anything tortious , how comes such a bitch case ? All members of a company abducted, 4 members of a family put into prison, one sentenced for 6 months, two sentenced for 8 months, another sentenced for one year; 7pcs of computer towers robbed, 2 pcs notebooks robbed, not ordered and not sold goods robbed, tortious and non-tortious goods robbed just as the same as their complotion arranged! Asked for help to all the government departments, asked for help worldwide, only more and more threats caused?

Dear all the people with ingenuous head and heart ,
The Firstsing Co.,Ltd. current status :
Anndy's RMB200,000 not got back yet ; the Shenzhen bitch lawyer No. 1 has charged us RMB200,000, returned RMB170,000, left RMB30,000 not returned yet ; the Shenzhen bitch lawyer No. 2 has charged us RMB90,000, returned RMB40,000, rest RMB50,000 not returned yet , totally RMB280,000 not returned yet , all the LOST things during this bitch disaster not payed to us yet , while the bitches are still stealing, robbing , abducting and cheating !
Our Chile customer's order not handled yet , totally lost without any justice yet .
We are still asking for help though we've been asking for help for more than one year till now .
--- written by anndy on Aug. 8th., 2008.
Thanks God ! My old brother has finally pursuaded the employed guy to leave our company .
My mother has seen a stranger which seems like a killer in our block !
And, how could we live under the bitches' control like this ? 说:刚才工商来看厂了 说:我们陪看去了 说:估计执照很快下来 --- Firstsing Anndy,ipod,psp2000,xbox360,wii accessories and more from 说:对所有的婊子都要小心 说:[ ZoneAlarm Security alert: Session not encrypted because is not protected by IM Security ] 说:他们没有说什么 说:因为我们就几个人 说:那些人都应付差事 说:joy说要请他们吃饭 搞好关系 --- Firstsing Anndy,ipod,psp2000,xbox360,wii accessories and more from 说:请个屁--- Firstsing Anndy,ipod,psp2000,xbox360,wii accessories and more from 说:我们不跟任何婊子搞关系! 说:我个人认为没有必要去 这些人都不是好东西 说:是--- Firstsing Anndy,ipod,psp2000,xbox360,wii accessories and more from 说:是啊 说:到时我再跟他说下--- Firstsing Anndy,ipod,psp2000,xbox360,wii accessories and more from 说:被婊子吃了拉了都不知怎么回事! 说:吃饭 不是没有事找事嘛 --- Firstsing Anndy,ipod,psp2000,xbox360,wii accessories and more from 说:上头的婊子多着呢,咱的血不够他们喝的,肉也不够他们吃的 说:那些人光吃还要拿 --- Firstsing Anndy,ipod,psp2000,xbox360,wii accessories and more from 说:什么屁都不给他们;他们批咱也得活,不批咱也得活!
---written by Anndy on Aug. 5th., 2008

Our company has been stolen again by the bitches last night !
- Writen by Anndy on Aug. 2nd.,2008
My stupid brother has employed a bitch to our company again , which is suggested by the bitches which are always biting us ! My stupid doesn't believe that there are so many bitches biting us every minute , as you do . But wait and see , you'll find it ! I can't save my family , they were all controlled by the bitches. They prefer to be bitches since they thought bitches will be safe while all the humanbeings will be killed by bitches ! In the history and the nowadays of the bitch China , it's always the truth ! I can't persuade them against such a bitch FACT . I need all of you to help us , to change the BITCH FATE of the bitch China .
- Writen by Anndy on Jul. 31st., 2008
The bitches are still biting us every day , every munite , you can't describle so much , but you know how serious it is !
To fight against all the bitches and finally get rid of them is the humanbeing world rule. So we need you to work with us together .
- written by Anndy on July 24th. , 2008
The bitches have come to bite us again , they are driving our factory-caretaker out so that they can steal us again !
You know they've just stolen all our business data and cash from my little brother's house in the night of Apr. 29th., immediately after they've driven him out off factory !
Who save the bitch fate of China ?
- written by Anndy on May 24th., 2008
My little brother has come back today ! Thanks for all your help in God's sake !!!
- written by Anndy on May 20th., 2008
And please remember to achieve justice for us !
Thank you !
My little sister-in-law and my old brother has been to the bitch prison to visit my little brother today as the bitchs' rules specified , every Saturday with the visiting-provision certificate which could only be available once per month, but finally failed to meet my little brother again !
We haven't got my little brother's visiting-provision-certificate for the month Apr. , even no letter from him, none even one word !
Now it's another month, we failed to meet him again . And also no letter , none even one word !
Is my little brother still alive ? Or is him healthy ?
Could him come back on May 20th. as the bitch sentence specified ???
Please all the world , kindly save us out off the bitch country and kill all the bitches !!!
- Written by Anndy on May 10th., 2008
感谢信和继续求救信 FROM:一号楼10单元101业主汪开来亲爱的业主,"父老乡亲":)谢谢大家这么长时间以来对我和我母亲的大力救助!自2006年1月份入住小区以来,咱们共同经历了那么多险恶的事情——尤于华清物业的存在。我深刻反省了“人祸”的因果。深刻反省了为什么华清物业对我母女二人及我们远在他乡的亲人赶尽杀绝永不止休。大家想想我母女二人入住小区以来发生的事吧:1.曾经出面协助组织业主委员会,让大家上我家签名,这个在小区论坛上应该还有记录,大家应该也还记得;从此后我家遭受恐吓不断。后来才明白来签名的最积极的是华清物业的狗腿子,是他们派的拖,连在小区搞中介的那些“人”,都被指使到我家来假装是业主签名,顺便恐吓我们。我至今记得那个中年男“人”胸前挂着工作牌,具体是什么我没仔细看——还没习惯在自己家里随时警惕!清枫华景园的业主感觉这个家安全吗?2.2006年8月7日我母亲在2号楼4单元处被狗咬,当时有华清物业的便衣人士陪同那恶霸恶狗恭候多时了.随后的事大家大概也听说了一二,我公司的网上也都有记录及证据可供下载.>>>>>>年5月21日我深圳公司被秘密绑架并全部关入大牢,公司货物及办公用电脑(2台笔记本,7台主机)被抢劫一空.>>>>>> (有中文的不完全记载)4.2007年7月13日我在清枫小区的家里被秘密绑架,关入大牢.后来有业主对我母亲说:"阿姨,我们会救你女儿的!"我全家对此念念不忘,衷心感谢却不知恩人是谁.祈祷上苍保佑好人.>>>>>> (有中文的不完全记载)5.2008年1月12日我"刑满出狱",这个仇只当来世变鬼去报!出狱后发现我和我亲人的日常生活随时受监视!6.2008年3月17日我母女回清枫小区.此番经历何等心寒请大家见谅,请清枫恩人见谅!我让母亲还了业主们给我母亲的钱,抱歉没有当面致谢.请见谅.此番经历叫人心寒且永世的不寒而栗.因为善良所以受欺骗受陷害.是该日久见人心才对.大家慢慢了解吧.因回家后又不停地遭到骚扰和恐吓,痛骂"婊子",影响了业主和谐生活,但请大家辨认根源,彻底去除真正的祸根.7.在大家的帮助下,我哥哥和堂弟已于2008年1月20日"刑满释放".虽忍辱负重,但仍知有小区诸多好心正直的业主默默相助.但我弟弟至今还没放回来!他在狱中受的各种折磨最多,被判的时间又最长,我最是心疼他!请见谅并请一起祝福我弟弟于2008年5月20日"刑满释放"!8.在大家的帮助下,我公司已于2008年4月28日领回电脑,但是7台主机全部烂掉了,配件掉了一地!资料更无法查了!9.电脑领回来的第二天晚上,4月29日晚上,我哥哥的家就被盗了,所有证件及公司业务资料全被盗走,还有现金RMB4000被盗走!被盗的当晚零点左右有神秘电话打到我北京的家,010 5107 0576 这个号打的,是不是耀武扬威来的?10.近日来又遭到不少恐吓,几乎每日不断,永无宁日.今天一大早又遭到恐吓说"如果你不想再次被抓进去就立即停止你的幼稚行为".烦请清枫的恩人们劳心关注我的"幼稚行为"并努力保护幼稚的我和我的亲人!11.关于华清物业对我全家的陷害及种种谣言,请大家在此查明真相:>>>>>> (有中文的不完全记载)
请大家深思并请保护我母女和我深圳的亲人们——每日24小时和有生的每一日。并保护全小区业主及其远在他乡的亲人们的未来. (清枫华景园业主论坛)
The bitches has stolen my old brother's house last night ! They've stolen all my old brother-and-his-wife's certificates and money and bank cards even our business data disks !
And you might still remember that they have stolen my Beijing house at the same way ! They abducted me into their bitch prison and then stolen my ID certificate and the RMB200,000 rimmitance receipt, which was finally eaten by themselves ! Without certificates I can't do anything with the bitch government offices here .
The bitches won't leave any humanbeings peaceful ! And they won't stop their bitch actions .
Have you been ready to kill them all ???
---writeen by Anndy on Apr. 29th., 2008
We've got our 2pcs notebook and 7pcs computer towers back from the bitches' hands today . Added pics into the attachment .
You can imagine what the bitches can do with our 9pcs computer-with-business-datas, in one YEAR !
The computer-towers are ROT and the components are dropped out from the case now . What could you imagin the bitches have done ?
They are threating us all the time, and for the future. They said it's easy to eat us all.
Yes, LuXun has told us that, " Never did I scare to imagine the WORST to the Chinese bitches . "
Please all the world remember this for us and punish the bitches for us ASASP !
Thank you !
--- written by Anndy on Apr. 28th., 2008
( Our Chile customer's letter :
---But what " better " happened during the passed more than 10 months ?
---Written by Anndy on Mar. 27th. , 2008 )
(The bitches are still jumping here and there , to intrigue how to do more harm to us and how to avoid their bitch responsibility . Our 7pcs computer towers , 2pcs notebooks , tortious or non-tortious goods , and , POSTAGE , are still in the bitches' hands ! Our safety , our fortune , and everything else , are still tightly seized by the bitches . They are still threatening me by saying that they'll abduct me again , cut my internet , kill our relatives , etc. last night . The bitches said that they won't pay a penny to their bitch sin. Do you agree ? We don't agree but we still feel difficult to fight against such a big group of bitches by ourselves, we still need your kind care and support for all the time. Kindly save us to flee off such a bitch place ASASP ! Also I hope the Chinese government will save us and protect us , but they haven't, for such a long nightdream time . I also have many true friends helping us since the very beginning, including some ingenuous Chinese persons and government officers, thus we are still alive and still " working " . Thank you all ! And please keep supporting each other to fight against all the bitches together with us ! - written by Anndy on Mar. 22nd. )
(Another " another week " has passed , the bitches haven't returned anything to us yet ! - written by Anndy on Mar. 21st. , 2008 )
("Another week" has passed, 10 months has passed, the bitches haven't done anything good, they are always bitches and they are still robbing and abducting and "prisoning" people here and there, the bitch police is threating everyone by their bitch way like this. They haven't returned our 7pcs computer towers and 2pcs notebooks yet , they haven't released our little brother yet, they haven't paid for their bith things yet . - written by Anndy on Mar. 14th., 2008 )
(The bitches inquire us to wait for " another WEEK " now ! They are always bitches so they won't make anything human-like , right ? - written by Anndy on Mar. 7th.,2008 )
(Another " Monday " has passed , the bitches haven't returned anything to us , they are still making bitch trouble and order us to " wait " . What means " safey " ? To raise more bitches then you can be " safe " ? - written by Anndy on Mar. 3rd. , 2008 )
( The bitches are still making trouble and inquire us to contact them on next Monday , you know , next Monday can be no solution , either . That's their bitch way . - written by Anndy on Feb. 29th. , 2008 )
( The bitches haven't returned our 7pcs computer towers and 2pcs notebooks till now , they are still making trouble instead , they haven't done anything good to pay for their bitch actions till now - written by Anndy on Feb. 27th., 2008 )
( We've been to the bitches' office to ask for our computers last day , Monday , Feb. 25th. , 2008 , but the bitches haven't returned our computers to us yet ! They said they need to WAIT for their leaders to examine and approve !You know how the bitches eat people now ? You understand now ? )
( We've got the certificates showing the bitches had rob our Nobebook 2pcs , computer towers 7pcs , memory card 8m for ps2 5000pcs , carry bag for ps2 2000pcs which were not as well as our orders inquired . You know the SENTENCE hasn't mentioned anything about our COMPUTER WITH BUSINESS DATA !We've called the bitches after got the " rob receipt " from prison today , but the bitches told us they can't return these to us ! And they tell us to contact the bitch LI WEN FENG next Monday ! My little brother had brought all his certificates , bank cards , even cash and his car-key with him and into the bitch prison since May. 21st. , 2007 because he couldn't imagine such a bitch abduction as you couldn't , either . They still need more time to communicate on how to rein us ? ! They've already prepared for more than 18 months - since , even before , Aug. 7th. , 2006 ! My little brother , our boss , Wang JuLun is till in their bitch prison as a postage !
My little brother Wang JuLun was permitted to send a " trust deed " out off prison on Jan. 15th. , but it hadn't reached us until Feb. 19th. , after 8 months' " lost contact " in prison . while we have to wait until Feb. 21st. , which is Tursday as they inquired , to fetch the " rob receipts " out . And then my little brother , our boss , has been " lost contact " with all of us in the bitch prison for more than 9 months ! You can see he has been sentenced for one year for the bitches' sin !
Will the bitches try to eat us on next MONDAY again ? ?
- written by Anndy on Feb. 21st. , 2008 )
Thanks for all your help during the year 2007 !
And may god bless us to lift our head high and never hesitate to fight against the bitches ( Click to download details and prooves , I'm sorry I'm too sick to translate so many bitch files ) hard if they dare to bite us !

We are still doing business since we have to MAKE LIVE ! And we have to keep strength to fight against the bitches at any time if they bite us again !

Now I understand that the 5000 years Chinese culture is just to produce bitches , most of the " Chinese " are bitches ! They are proud that their parents have murdered the great Liu ShaoQi , Lin Biao , He Long , Peng DeHuai , Zhu De , and even the administrator Zhou EnLai ( tired working into death to raise such a big group of bitches ; and maybe you don't know , our dearest administrator Zhou EnLai's brother had been forced into prison for TEN YEARS , and had been forced to stop communication with all his relatives and friends during those ten years , like us , today ! ) . They are threatening us that they can murder all of us if we don't want to be bitches like they want ! But they don't know that the world has understood the bitch truth of them and won't raise them any more ! The " humanbeing " world don't need any bitch !

Bitches are bitches and truth is the truth . Bitches are CHEAP but never WORTHY , they are dirty and poisonous .

I've met our dearest administrator Zhou EnLai's neice face to face last year , and she told me that our new administrator Wen JiaBao is also a " love people good administrator " , but will he love my little brother and me ? Will he love all our Firstsing members and their families and their ingenuous friends ? Will he take care on all these bitch things , save my little brother from the bitches' prison and punish the bitches for us ?

May all the bitches disappear from the humanbeings world ASASP !

Never will the Firstsing members give up to any bitch !
Thank you very much for have saved us out off the bitches' hands and Anndy's little brother JuLun , Wang is still in the bitches' prison as a postage to stop us from accusing them !!! They haven't paid anything to their bitch actions till now !
Thank you for all your support and hope to work with you for more good things ! Thank you all for all your care on the faithful Firstsing members and their families ! Firstsing will always be the Best in reward to your ingenuous persons !We cherrish your friendship with your ingenuous head and heart more than any business !
Anndy sincerely hopes to immigrate to Korea , America or Canada , please kindly contact firstsinganndy100[at] if you can help . Thank you ! And Firstsing will be an international company sooner or later :) @ 2008 CopyRight Firstsing Company

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