Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Firstsing Co.,Ltd. current status :

Kindly read the details carefully and help us ! The following is what happened to our family and our family-business !
The Firstsing Co.,Ltd. current status :
Anndy's RMB200,000 not got back yet ; the Shenzhen bitch lawyer No. 1 has charged us RMB200,000, returned RMB170,000, left RMB30,000 not returned yet ; the Shenzhen bitch lawyer No. 2 has charged us RMB90,000, returned RMB40,000, rest RMB50,000 not returned yet , totally RMB280,000 not returned yet , all the LOST things during this bitch disaster not payed to us yet , while the bitches are still stealing, robbing , abducting and cheating ! Our Chile customer's order not handled yet , totally lost without any justice yet . We are still asking for help though we've been asking for help for more than one year till now . And we are still in danger since being surrounded by so many bitches .
In the link below you can find more details and proofs of pictures and texts : And this is the housing zone forum of ours' in Beijing , you can't tell which are cheaters and bitches. The bitch China is stealing , robbing and abducting here and there , threatening us every minute .

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